Traducción de vasopressor en Español:


vasopresor, n.

Pronunciación /ˈveɪzoʊˌprɛsər//veɪzəʊˈprɛsə/


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    vasopresor masculino
    • Patients who are being treated with vasopressors should be weaned off the medications if possible.
    • In this study, abrupt drug withdrawal reinduced norepinephrine dependency in 30% of patients previously weaned from vasopressors.
    • Patients with hypotension should be treated more aggressively, with fluids, inotropic agents or vasopressors as indicated to maintain perfusion and prevent extension of the infarct.
    • He was admitted to the intensive care unit in septic shock and was treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics and vasopressors.
    • Central venous catheters are used for haemodynamic monitoring, giving vasopressors and cytotoxic drugs, sampling blood, and giving fluids and parenteral nutrition.