Traducción de veejay en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈvidʒeɪ//viːˈdʒeɪ/



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    presentador de programas de videos musicales masculino
    presentadora de programas de videos musicales femenino
    presentador de programas de vídeos musicales masculino España
    presentadora de programas de vídeos musicales femenino España
    pinchavídeos femenino España coloquial
    • The crucial point to note is this: these veejays are not white Canadians, Americans, or Britons.
    • Last summer, Adam Curry, a former MTV veejay turned entrepreneur, devised a way to deliver automatically updated digital audio streams to MP3 players via a computer.
    • A few months later, the word was applied to former MTV veejay Adam Curry's syndication of the personal online broadcasts he was making.
    • As they were filming some of their beach-heavy programming, I was accosted at several points by camera crews and veejays.
    • Do the veejays have any say as to the kind of music they play on their shows?
    • If you're unfamiliar with him, Curry is the former MTV veejay who co-invented podcasting, and his DSC is one of the top podcasts in the world.
    • Years ago, Adam Curry was an MTV veejay, who registered the domain before the network even understood what was going on with the Web.
    • A popular veejay, a sought-after anchor and TV shows presenter, Mini Mathur says it's a variety of creative pursuits that spices up her life.
    • The veejays also take on-air phone calls from the public, a feature that initially threatened to overwhelm the schedule.
    • What is interesting about these shows are the veejays, or hosts.
    • With sports becoming big time entertainment, models and veejays are now clambering onto the bandwagon.
    • When they speak to him and about him, they behave differently than they did with the painter, or the veejay, or any of the other folks.
    • But this MTV veejay has taken it as a challenge to prove that he can be equally at ease doing programmes on serious issues.
    • Stacks of videocassettes on the shelves kept additional veejays busy popping tapes into and out of VCRs.
    • The partying there drained me out completely,’ sighs the marathon man of the party circuit, MTV veejay, Nikhil Chinnappa.
    • We understand that the hostess for the evening, MTV veejay, Anusha, was pretty busy the entire evening.
    • They are not anorexic like the models and veejays who seem to click with big city youth.