Traducción de velocity en Español:


velocidad, n.

Pronunciación /vɪˈlɒsɪti//vəˈlɑsədi/

nombrePlural velocities

  • 1

    velocidad femenino
  • 2

    (high speed)
    velocidad femenino
    we were moving with such velocity that … íbamos a tal velocidad que …
    • But you don't have to be a dot-com executive to see how the Internet accelerates business velocity.
    • The bolt left the crossbow with amazing velocity, striking the target with near-perfect accuracy.
    • Having started his corporate career with maximum velocity, Yang now runs another company called Yahoo!
    • A gauss rifle is a rifle that throws an iron slug at an incredibly high velocity.
    • The film has nail-biting stunts performed at such velocity you're pinned to the back of your chair just watching.
    • The velocity of change in today's economy requires a steady commitment to your fundamental values.
    • Scientists and inventors are unraveling new technology at incredible velocity.
    • Medical advances aside, almost every technological progress has been about velocity, about the simple process of speeding things up.