Traducción de ventilation en Español:


ventilación, n.

Pronunciación /ˌvɛntɪˈleɪʃ(ə)n//ˌvɛn(t)əˈleɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (in room, building)
    ventilación femenino
    • Jack ducked past a fallen ventilation duct on his way to the shuttle hangar.
    • Looking ahead of him, he saw a ventilation grate fall from the ceiling.
    • More often, however, it is inadequate attic ventilation.
    • The most effective way to prevent it is by providing adequate ventilation.
    • The school building had a mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation system.
    • Dai followed her gaze to the ventilation shaft above them then looked at Cooper.
    • Here two men are shown recuperating in the stoke hold under the ventilation shaft.
    • They were then able to start to climb up back into the ventilation ducts.
    • In more severe climates, heat recovery ventilation and other techniques may be practical.
    • If anything, modern methods and improved ventilation should reduce the risk to asthmatics.
    • Provide adequate ventilation to maintain indoor humidity levels between 30-60 %.
    • Even a home with functional attic ventilation can now develop molds on the roof sheathing cavities above these unsatisfactory ducts.
    • Provide adequate ventilation with window fans when using adhesives, as some are toxic.
    • I've only got up to section 3, which is about ventilation shafts.
    • Many web sites discuss the importance of attic ventilation, too.
    • Rhea's movements were noiseless and careful as she slithered down the ventilation duct.
    • He saw an open ventilation grate, big enough to fit both of them at once.
    • He removed the ventilation grate aside, allowing himself to slide back onto solid ground again.
    • However, there is no active cooling or even ventilation holes in the unit.
    • Firefighters used thermal imaging equipment and a pressurised ventilation system to tackle the smoke.
  • 2

    sistema de ventilación masculino
    (pipe) (before noun) de ventilación
    ventilation shaft pozo de ventilación masculino