Traducción de veracity en Español:


veracidad, n.

Pronunciación /vəˈrasɪti//vəˈræsədi/



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    veracidad femenino
    • The ending is powerful, with the message that history is what you make of it, depending upon the veracity of those who wrote it.
    • Because of my developing view that there is often more verisimilitude than veracity in folk wisdom, I carried out a replication.
    • Whether this latter prediction had any veracity is debatable, as the troubled African country has been in a state of growing crisis for years.
    • If anyone doubted the veracity of his research or the authenticity of his photographs, he would fly into a violent rage.
    • This roller coaster veracity has one great advantage: emotional momentum.
    • Unfortunately, the marketability of spy stories is determined by their drama, not by their veracity.
    • If there are any doubts about a report's veracity, they can call on the expertise of their editors instantly.
    • We have no reason to doubt the veracity of the Goodridges' stories.
    • Written with an air of braggadocio, Love's story is, in places, of questionable veracity.
    • Still, no matter the source or its veracity, intelligence has to be analysed correctly.
    • If you doubt my veracity, MyDoom's ability to spoof icons should change your mind.
    • Some people have doubted its veracity, but I'm willing to take it at face value.
    • The end result is that there is very serious doubt about their veracity, backed by a huge body of evidence within a day of the story surfacing.
    • It is the duty of the referring clinician to ensure the completeness, accuracy, and veracity of the information provided.
    • If lawyers have their doubts about the veracity of a case, are they going to be prosecuted for taking the case?
    • Cooke gilded that story for days, insisting on its veracity and refusing to tell the police where the boy lived.
    • In fact, the CIA had long harbored strong doubts concerning Curveball's veracity.
    • While commentators see the company continuing to dance around the facts they will continue to doubt the veracity of its message.
    • Fictional stories and dreams have precisely the same effect; veracity does not seem to be a central component.
    • I suggest that the minister test my veracity on this to see whether I am telling the truth.
    • While the first one led me to question these stories' veracity, the second made me consider their politics.
    • If anyone doubts the veracity of Chang and Halliday's story they only have to glance at some of the accompanying photographs.
    • After the improbability of all that recently transpired, he couldn't see fit to doubt Aarrl's veracity.
    • We know that factual accuracy and veracity are trickier than they seem.
    • Is this a genuine reference, or are there doubts about its veracity?
    • It is a method for those who vote to assess the veracity and character of those who appear in the House.
    • Sometimes, photojournalism is so brilliant that a natural reaction is to doubt its veracity.
    • Did they not realise the extent of Archer's problems with veracity?