Traducción de verdict en Español:


veredicto, n.

Pronunciación /ˈvərdɪkt//ˈvəːdɪkt/


  • 1

    veredicto masculino
    a verdict of guilty/not guilty veredicto de culpabilidad/inocencia
    • to bring in / return a verdict dar / emitir un veredicto
    • to deliver a verdict pronunciar sentencia
    • the coroner recorded an open verdict el juez consignó que no se pudo establecer la causa o causas de la muerte
    • they failed to reach a verdict no llegaron a un acuerdo sobre el veredicto
    • Hearing the evidence, Mr Brooks delivered a verdict of accidental death.
    • He refuses even though he and his friends believe the court's verdict unjust.
    • The motion for a directed verdict of acquittal on count two is dismissed.
    • However, he said that the body fully accepted the coroner's verdict.
    • The jury deliberated for more than 13 hours to reach a majority verdict.
    • His statement comes five days before Libya's Supreme Court gives a final verdict on the appeal of the trial.
    • A jury in the Supreme Court in Hobart reached its majority verdicts after deliberating for about three hours.
    • Yesterday the jury returned unanimous guilty verdicts after nearly seven hours of deliberation over two days.
    • But a High Court judge has indicated he will overturn the unlawful killing verdict.
    • The California court held that peer review evidence was inadmissible and upheld a jury verdict for the defendant.
    • In my view, a directed verdict of acquittal is clear-cut in these circumstances.
    • Moreover the verdicts in the remaining cases are likely to follow a similar pattern.
    • In our view, the use of handcuffs does not render the verdict unsafe.
    • His trial ended on June 21 with a jury verdict of manslaughter.
    • Calvi's widow Clara and son Carlo disputed the initial suicide verdict given by London City police.
    • Wiltshire's deputy coroner William Bache delivered a verdict of accidental death.
    • The defence moves for a directed verdict of acquittal on count two.
    • Coroner Dr Roy Palmer recorded an accidental death verdict at the inquest on March 17.
    • The final verdicts in these cases will be delivered by the bureau very soon.
    • He told them that their verdicts on all charges would have to be unanimous.
  • 2

    juicio masculino
    the verdict of the press was uniformly hostile el juicio de la prensa fue unánimemente desfavorable
    • the popular verdict is that … el sentir popular es que …
    • to give one's verdict on sb/sth dar su (or mi etc.) opinión sobre algn/algo
    • well then, what's your verdict? bueno ¿qué te parece?
    • Well, the public has spoken and given a clear verdict in the cat naming poll.
    • The gathering broke up and everyone said the verdict was a foregone conclusion.
    • Much of the verdict is now left up to the public, with the sale of tickets acting much like a ballot box.
    • Naturally you would prefer a verdict in your favour, but it is better than losing, is it not?
    • The opinion poll will reveal the public's verdict on what level of council tax should be set for next year.
    • Each competitor had to sing two numbers before the judges made their verdict.