Traducción de verdure en Español:


verdor, n.

Pronunciación /ˈvəːdjə//ˈvəːdjʊə//ˈvərdʒər/



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    verdor masculino
    • Visitors climbing staircases from the street would enter the park amid the lush verdure.
    • My soul was thrilled with the invigorating freshness of the verdure.
    • My wish is if possible to obtain one of your true American Landscapes - taken on the spot - fresh from Nature in the deep verdure of late Summer.
    • In fact, my partner, Lance, observed that the lush, manicured verdure through which we were driving looked like it was mown and rolled on a daily basis.
    • Soon the rivers begin to flow, the ponds and the lakes fill to overflowing, and verdure covers the earth.
    • In a little time, when the roots of the plant had taken up the moisture, the unsightly blotches began to be extinguished in a living verdure.
    • Natural colours such as sienna, coffee, verdure, burgundy, metal and champagne are chosen as ambient colours.
    • Instead, they linger in the field of vision on a more or less equal footing with the verdure they border.
    • It is striking and effective, complementing the picturesque Trinity verdure.
    • Bowling unhindered through the Suffolk verdure, Peel offers a courteous monologue on the local environment.
    • The settlement was long abandoned now, reclaimed by the verdure from which it had been carved.
    • The movement doesn't have to be much to tear root and shoot tissue as well as displace roots and dislodge the verdure.
    • The verdure under him is still green, though crushed.
    • The bright verdure stands testimony to the still-fertile soil - the river's legacy to Thatta.