Traducción de versed en Español:


Pronunciación /vərst//vəːst/


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    to be well versed in sth ser muy versado en algo
    • He is deeply versed in the archives and traditions of the Middle Temple.
    • I am not versed in the ways of pretty pampered girls.
    • The hints too had been so heavy and so clumsy that journalists well versed in the field of arms control were beginning to guess who it could be.
    • Can someone more versed in Protestant and Fundamentalist theology than I am help me out here?
    • I think you'd really be happy back in the Catholic Church, once you are better versed in what it teaches.
    • Indeed, I was struck by the fact that this elite band of composers were all well read and well versed in the other arts.
    • How well versed were you already in seeking these people out?
    • He was a very well versed man and his warm smile was a trademark of his personality.
    • He has portrayed himself as a very experienced, knowledgeable and versed man and a program like that should be live.
    • I would have liked to see a work force made up of people who are not only versed academically, but in vocational fields as well.
    • Gawain responded that even if he taught her all he knew, and recited romances to her, she was already a hundred times more versed in love than he.
    • Now, I was fully versed in preparatory techniques, and enjoyed mulling, rolling, roach-making, etc.
    • Instead of downloading tunes, you'd be downloading say bits of Taoism from somebody better versed than yourself.
    • Each man was thoroughly versed in the mission and prepared to carry it out alone, if necessary.
    • General Motors-trained classroom instructors are well versed in the latest trends in automotive technology.
    • An educated person would be expected to be well versed in both natural science and the humanities.
    • Contributors versed in various subject areas have assembled noteworthy sites and provided descriptions of each site.