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versión, n.

Pronunciación /ˈvərʒən//ˈvəːʃ(ə)n/


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    (variant form)
    versión femenino
    an updated version of the opera una versión actualizada de la ópera
    • alpha/beta version versión alfa/beta
    • Actually, I mainly seem to be downloading cover versions and remixes.
    • Associate Editors access the PDF version of the manuscript and assign potential reviewers.
    • The case lacks front USB or FireWire ports, though some steel versions do have those front ports.
    • A media frenzy ensued, and now London-based Salt Publishing has produced a print version of the hugely popular anthology.
    • They're recording cover versions of hit songs.
    • There are tentative plans to introduce a PDF version of each event.
    • Click here to download, circulate and distribute a PDF version of this article.
    • An expanded version of this essay will appear as a book chapter.
    • Both versions feature distinct and believable characters, erring on the side of naturalism.
    • I note that an earlier version of the website listed Mr Corcoran's qualifications, but they have been removed.
    • The version given to mourners was small and brightly coloured with child-like illustrations depicting favourite Bible scenes.
    • First off, there are several companies that publish English language versions of these games.
    • He has noted that his work would present the layman's version of the historical events.
    • The truly horrific adaptation, however, remains the 1933 version starring Charles Laughton, titled Island of Lost Souls.
    • I hope you enjoy this year's version of the tale.
    • Translations are regarded by Muslims as new versions of the holy book, rather than as translations in the conventional sense.
    • Fans of this cult classic will be thrilled to see it in its original widescreen version, wall-to-wall with worms!
    • The channel is also launching a revised version of its' Music Live ' programme.
    • An edited version of this article recently appeared in The Age.
    • Kay Daly was the first person to publish complete versions of the stolen documents.
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    versión femenino
    what's your version of the events? ¿cuál es tu versión de los hechos?
    • there are several versions of what happened hay varias versiones de lo que pasó
    • The loopy Loudspeaker of the House has become Washington's version of the crazy uncle your family has to keep up in the attic.
    • Some of your own stories, your own version of events don't really make sense.
    • Since there is no objective version of the problem, there is no definitive solution.
    • But as details and a greater understanding emerge, this version remains open to question.
    • There's only one small problem with Brooks' version of Salvadoran history: It's false.
    • It is a sort of literary version of history from the ground up.
    • And these two youngsters give a very pure factual version of what they saw.
    • Obviously, that's the edited version of events.
    • As discussed above, the city is the quintessential home of Auster's version of the post-modern poet.
    • But in Drury's version, the papers not only exist, but are quoted from at length.
    • History is a version of events, a story that features a cast of characters much like you and me.
    • Ahmed and Khan then made police statements declaring their version of events to be true.
    • This he has not done, and that is in our view consistent with the fact that his version of events is not credible.
    • Which brings up the issues of multiple accounts and versions of a particular royal's last words.
    • Those thinking either version will be a reasonable presentation of straight news should abandon hope right now.
    • But the truth, it would seem, is far from the version of events some historians would like to portray.
    • But at least we still have the ability to go back and look at the actual past, not the Fox News simulated version.
    • Now, that's acceptable for a six year old growing up in New England, but we can handle a more accurate version of history.
    • Each side views its version of Tibetan history as an essential part of its national identity.
    • His version given in evidence is that he was not admitting to any improper conduct.
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    versión femenino
    modelo masculino
    automatic version versión / modelo con cambio de marchas automático
    • You can also download the latest version of the software from ABIT's website.
    • Users have downloaded a beta version of the company's VoIP software.
    • The software comes in three versions for homes, cybercafes and schools.
    • Be sure your browser has the most up-to-date encryption capabilities by using the latest version available from the manufacturer.
    • Symantec plans to develop versions of the software for servers, workstations, laptops and handheld devices.
    • Microsoft will release an updated version of this tool on the second Tuesday of each month.
    • Computers with updated versions of anti-virus software should be protected, according to Sans centre.
    • It still plans to keep an interest in the operation and will continue to have Linux versions of its software.
    • Some other problems related to buttons were fixed by downloading a new version of the software.
    • The company will also distribute its software with the next versions of America Online Inc's services and Microsoft Corp's MSN.
    • The appliance uses a modified version of Linux for PowerPC and provides an amazing set of features.
    • In February an updated version was released on to Swindon's streets.
    • Fujitsu has launched a humanoid robot - based on a real-time version of the Linux operating system.
    • However, users without the latest version of their anti-virus software may be unable to detect the virus.
    • Version numbers are, and always have been, meaningless between software providers.
    • It only infected and destroyed computers that had particular versions of this software running.
    • The TiVo box is actually a computer using a version of the Linux operating system.
    • None of the dealers installed unauthorised versions of software on computers themselves - a practice known as hard-disk loading.
    • Keeping up to date with software and firmware versions is always a task at the forefront of a system administrator's priorities.
    • With each new version number come more available games but also more power requirements.