Traducción de vessel en Español:


navío, n.

Pronunciación /ˈvɛs(ə)l//ˈvɛsəl/


  • 1formal

    navío masculino formal
    nave femenino literario
    passenger vessel buque de pasajeros masculino
    • The survey was also very useful for targeting international yacht and domestic vessels to monitor quarantine compliance.
    • Recent examples include photographing industrial plants, bridges, and vessels at sea.
    • Since May, more than 98 vessels have been boarded for inspection.
    • Forty tonnes of marine diesel are still thought to be on board the sunken vessel.
    • Assisting a cargo vessel approach its berth she got into difficulties and capsized.
    • The typhoon, which sank 18 vessels and broke 13 container cranes at ports, has caused millions of pounds worth of damage so far.
    • Once the document was on the ship, the vessel was allowed to anchor.
    • It would take him about 10 minutes to walk round the vessel and check the containers.
    • An intensive search for the vessel's mother ship was mounted but nothing found.
    • Of those, 16 fishing vessels were detained and 113 written warnings issued for various offences.
    • Over 60 volunteers braved the flood waters in canoes, boats and vessels of all shapes and sizes as the search continued yesterday.
    • It said about 35,409 ships and vessels have returned to ports.
    • Finally, I saw on the horizon a large naval vessel.
    • Small vessels (mostly motor boats) provide the sole means of transporting food and other goods utilized by the community.
    • In the right hands it is probably the most adaptable and seaworthy vessel afloat.
    • Various factories in and near the harbour area specialize in keeping the extensive trawler fleet and other vessels seaworthy.
    • The bridge only opens with two keys, at the moment it is high and open, which would allow ships and other nautical vessels to pass beneath us.
    • In a lake about 11 miles long and under a mile at its widest, not only is there not much scope for a sea-going vessel but under sail these vessels pose some threat to smaller boats.
    • Large merchant vessels have to slow down, making it easier for pirates to pursue their prey.
    • In some parts of the world it is all too easy to board a merchant vessel unlawfully.
  • 2formal

    recipiente masculino
    drinking vessel vasija femenino
    • Big punch bowls make supersize serving vessels.
    • In front of the statue and behind the platform is a huge vessel that contained oil to light a so-called ‘Everlasting Lamp’.
    • It can only obtain a liquid state under very high pressure in a containment vessel.
    • Proceeds are earmarked for vessels and containers, and to repay loans.
    • He knew he should have immediately collected the spilled magic and contained it in a vessel for later use.
    • Our descent into hell was caused by a bolt of lightening striking, with unerring accuracy, a vessel which contained a chemical that doesn't get on well with sources of ignition.
    • Glass containers, ceramic vessels and galvanised cans brimming with an array of cacti, gerbera and orchids are available for your mum's Mother's Day delectation.
    • The most common form of vessels were cups, bowls or jugs used for storage of liquid or dry consumer goods.
    • It took little more than a minute before all of the creature was contained in the little vessel.
    • Hundreds of years later, glass vessels were shaped to contain water, perfumes, and other liquids and items.
    • The refilling vessel contains liquid water and gas.
    • Five of the vessels from four burials contain clay residues, suggesting that pigments had been stored in them when they were placed in the graves.
    • Once you decide on the drinking vessel (goblet, bowl, mug or stein), you need to get it from the shelves.
    • Two landmines went off in our faces, drenching us both with warm milk, the pressure too much to be contained in the transparent vessels before us.
    • In Scandinavia many bowls and cooking vessels have been found carved from soapstone, or steatite, a mineral that is very heat tolerant.
    • Officers found each of the vessels contained protected fish.
    • Rugs, throws, wall hangings, vessels and bowls, scarves and brooches are all included.
    • For a start, we know next to nothing about what ceramic vessels contained.
    • When the glass had cooled, the clay/sand model was carefully scraped out of the container, leaving the hollow glass vessel.
    • Besides, the distribution of the carbon was uneven, and vessels with large quantities alternated with vessels which contained very little carbon or none.
  • 3

    Botánica Anatomía
    vaso masculino
    blood vessel vaso sanguíneo
    • And consuming too much alcohol also can dilate the blood vessels in the skin, giving it a reddish hue.
    • These help constrict dilated vessels of the nose and help water eyes.
    • They also have a similarity to the small blood vessels damaged in long-standing diabetes.
    • The fungus plugs up the tree's vascular system, the collection of tiny vessels that transports water and nutrients to the plant cells.
    • In the roots one part may be deposited in the tissue and another part recirculated to the xylem vessels.
    • Some strokes are due to a bleed from a vessel in the brain rather than a clot.
    • The finely porous membranes are designed to allow the flow of water between adjacent vessels while preventing the passage of gas bubbles and pathogens.
    • Throughout most of the day, when the plant is transpiring, these vessels will contain water under substantial hydraulic tension.
    • There was no movement of dye between them, indicating that vessels did not criss-cross between adjacent vascular bundles.
    • For each examined sample, the entire thickness of the vessel wall was imaged.