Traducción de veteran en Español:


veterano de guerra, n.

Pronunciación /ˈvɛtrən//ˈvɛdərən//ˈvɛt(ə)r(ə)n/


  • 1

    (of war)
    veterano de guerra masculino
    veterana de guerra femenino
    (soldier) (before noun) veterano
    a veteran of the Second World War un veterano de la Segunda Guerra Mundial
    • A blend of young talent and experienced veterans is a good one to have in today's NFL.
    • Graham was a veteran member and former chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.
    • The team is in dire need of an experienced veteran to back him up and hopes to sign one before the regular season.
    • It will be of little interest to Venice veterans or art historians, who will still prefer the guidebooks.
    • Other senior positions have also been filled by experienced, if hard-headed, veterans of the diplomatic world.
    • The field is full of veterans who want to race and aren't afraid of trading a little paint for position.
    • Even as the song was being sung, the veteran music director, sat as if in a transport reliving the creation of this song.
    • Separately, however, they were veterans of the festival experience as solo performers.
    • Now that the veteran is in the master's category he is able to boast having shot his age no less than 27 times.
    • An esteemed veteran actor with a penchant for the unpredictable arrived and sat under a painting of fairies in a field.
    • Would you like to talk with someone who is a veteran of the Congress experience?
    • Not only was he the leading over 45, but he also beat the best of the over 40s to cross the line as the leading veteran.
    • Then there's another police chief, suspicious of the veteran cop's dubious tactics on the job.
    • The new players have provided tough competition to the veterans in the field.
    • He has become the spine of a team which blends experienced veterans and youth.
    • It will be a good learning experience for the newcomers, and, hopefully, the veterans can help the younger ones.
    • This veteran found the experience so outlandish that he could not tell anyone about it.
    • The children hear the story of this remarkable joint endeavour as experienced by these three veterans.
    • Gabrielle told Annie that veterans were very keen to share their experience and that they were all fantastic.
    • Doherty is an internet veteran after working in the multimedia, design and internet field since 1994.
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    (of military service)
    licenciado del servicio militar masculino
    • This originated in the experience of US veterans in the aftermath of Vietnam.
    • Most veterans are too traumatised or embarrassed to discuss their experiences.
    • But Afghanistan is the sort of experience that can screw up a veteran once he's home.
    • Second World War veterans and serving members of the armed forces will march together to commemorate the end of the war in Europe.
    • US veterans and military justice experts were less willing to jump to judgment.
    • Joining us now with some perspective, three very distinguished military veterans.
    • I do, however, have a big problem with people who claim to be military or veterans, but aren't.
    • Army veterans who served in World War Two have joined the campaign to save their former regiment.
    • The description was wholeheartedly endorsed by veterans who served under the Brigadier.
    • The 1500 students were joined by war veterans and special commemorative plaque was unveiled.
    • Various agencies serving veterans say they are swamped with phone calls asking for help.
    • As part of that, veterans will be visiting schools to talk about their experiences.
    • They were already veterans, selected for special missions because of their bravery and endurance.
    • On Friday he joins up with hundreds of D-Day veterans for a special tribute in France.
    • We all remember the experiences of the veterans we have known in our lives.
    • The US secretary of state is a Vietnam veteran who has commanded field units at almost every level.
    • He added that some parts of the occupied country were filling up with veterans from the British special forces.
    • On June 25, the museum is calling all former airborne and special forces veterans to come to a special day of events at Elvington.
    • He was one of several MPs from all parties who supported those campaigning for a medal for veterans who served in Egypt.
    • Scott was shown over the site of the Battle of the Boyne by an old veteran and was delighted by the experience.
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    (experienced person)
    veterano masculino
    veterana femenino
    (actor/reporter) (before noun) veterano
    a veteran of local politics un veterano de la política local