Traducción de viable en Español:


viable, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈvʌɪəb(ə)l//ˈvaɪəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (capable of succeeding)
    (plan/option) viable
    it's not viable no es viable
    • This view is not derived from a sense of optimism, but from a realisation that viable alternatives need to be developed to reduce car usage and pollution.
    • It is hard to see any practical and viable alternative to the state at present.
    • Unfortunately the fees are high and with no viable alternative and unable to find work, Charlie along with Phil hit on an idea.
    • If the conservatory legally stands and you continue to feel that moving house isn't a viable option, alternative tactics could be adopted.
    • It insists the commissioners' alternative scheme is not viable, as it will not attract sufficient grants.
    • A mural for the walls became a more permanent and viable alternative.
    • Wherever there were regular shifts, buses can be a viable alternative.
    • A viable plan for an alternative would be part of the proposed project.
    • Concern over low usage had already been raised with the local community, but no viable suggestions for alternative fixed sites had come forward.
    • So, is there is a viable future for alternative operators in the United Kingdom?
    • In fact, Thompson said new technology would have to be developed for the solar car to become a viable consumer alternative.
    • The internet may provide a viable alternative but for the moment, everyone seems lost, wondering what's going to happen next.
    • That's a little beside the point, though, because my article was focusing on whether commuter Internet access was viable and feasible.
    • In certain circumstances, such as dwellings where there is no suitable or viable alternative option, the use of cesspools may be acceptable.
    • Buying pirated movies is a viable alternative to those of us who are economically challenged.
    • I looked at the Dem candidates and realized there is no viable alternative for me.
    • Mr Fitzgerald said the airport has to tailor a commercial structure to achieve viable bottom line operating costs.
    • They say the proposals will also offer a viable transport alternative to the car and will make inter-district travel a reality.
    • An agenda that can be articulated as a viable alternative to the version of corporate globalisation currently under way.
    • In turn, it may make campus and community radio all the more viable as alternative media for the music of talents like Fisher.
  • 2

    • If significant placental abruption occurs, a viable fetus should be delivered immediately.
    • The number of colonies present was a measure of the number of viable cells in the original cultures.
    • Dormancy is defined as the inability of a viable seed to germinate under conditions otherwise adequate for germination.
    • Others would argue that a woman should have the right to terminate her pregnancy at any time in pregnancy, up to the point where the fetus is viable and fully formed.
    • Surgery for intractable disease should be delayed until the fetus is viable.
    • A rise in basal body temperature may signal either a passing virus or a viable fetus.
    • Dashed segments of the line indicate where viable seeds do not germinate at low temperatures.
    • The plants that survived appeared phenotypically normal in all growth phases and produce viable seed that germinated normally.
    • An aliquot of the cell suspension was removed and the number of viable cells determined by trypan blue exclusion.
    • It follows from the conclusion reached above that the physiological changes that occur during senescence are those of viable cells and tissues.
    • In addition, their long shelf life eventually might translate into a reduced number of viable cells.
    • A peak value is then seen where the greatest numbers of molecules are in the greatest number of viable cells.
    • They have investigated, over three seasons, the development process from ovule to viable seed.
    • All plants were found to be fertile and set viable seeds which germinated and produced morphologically normal plants.
    • A provisional diagnosis of missed abortion was made, but an ultrasound scan subsequently revealed viable triplets.