Traducción de vicinity en Español:


inmediaciones, n.

Pronunciación /vəˈsɪnədi//vɪˈsɪnɪti/



  • 1

    inmediaciones femenino
    alrededores masculino
    in the (immediate) vicinity of sth en las inmediaciones / los alrededores de algo
    • is there a public telephone in the vicinity? ¿hay algún teléfono público por aquí/por allí?
    • there are few shops in this vicinity hay pocas tiendas en esta zona
    • the hotel is situated in the vicinity of the airport el hotel está situado en las inmediaciones del aeropuerto
    • in the vicinity of $100 unos 100 dólares
    • This is very evident in the red colouration of the rock in this vicinity.
    • The few hospitals still standing in the vicinities were destroyed, from the inside.
    • Everyone will be welcome but a special welcome to all those who are new to the town and vicinity.
    • It was a point worth bearing in mind, and so was the way in which the local communities kept the high road cleared of snow in their vicinities.
    • In fact, not only was Kim not at the door for me, she wasn't even in my relative vicinity.
    • Attacks have taken place in the camp's vicinity on six other occasions since April.
    • Much of the wealth he accumulated was invested in real estate in numerous rural areas in the vicinity of Lynn.
    • He declined to leave his roots on St. Helena Island, and remained in that vicinity throughout his life.
    • Any suggestions on what to do for four hours in that vicinity will be appreciated.
    • Smokers can ‘keep to themselves’ and non smokers have no reason to be in the vicinity of a smoke zone.
    • The area has been cordoned off and people living in the vicinity of the house have been evacuated to safety.
    • With the above example in mind, let us take a cursory view of Egg Mountain and vicinity.
    • The hill in the vicinity of the graveyard has been the subject of much complaint.
    • We have never had an objection to a planning application from local residents in this vicinity.
    • Were they flying surveillance at the time that this vessel may have been in that vicinity?
    • When he started a family and bought a place to live, it was in that same general vicinity.
    • Black kites were sampled in and around the Doñana National Park, in the vicinity of the contaminated area.
    • After 1660, vines were planted in Kursk, Tambov, and in the vicinities of Tula and Moscow.
    • There was no one on the street in that vicinity and they met only three cars on the way back to the motel.
    • There was concern for a swan and her five cygnets in the vicinity of the contaminated area.
  • 2

    proximidad femenino
    vicinity (to sth) proximidad (a algo)