Traducción de victor en Español:


vencedor, n.

Pronunciación /ˈvɪktər//ˈvɪktə/


  • 1

    vencedor masculino
    vencedora femenino
    they emerged (as) victors salieron victoriosos
    • Towards the end of the war, the victors founded the United Nations at the San Francisco conference.
    • Britain and France emerged from the war as victors, but as completely impoverished victors.
    • When the two sides met earlier in the competition, Garrymore were victors by a large margin.
    • Whatever the outcome expect little more than a score or two to separate victors and vanquished at the end.
    • If England can set more challenging totals, they could yet make the leap from plucky losers to deserved victors.
    • He said the Health Service Reform would be achieved in a way that would not result in victors or vanquished.
    • Australia were clear victors in the Rugby League World Cup last year.
    • Compare this with how the victors over France acted after its defeat in the Napoleonic wars.
    • There is a danger that we think of peace settlements as being about the relations between victors and vanquished alone.
    • This was tremendously enjoyable and Balla were the victors in the fun game.
    • In a democracy, there are no losers, or victors for democracy encourages competition.
    • No sooner was peace signed than the victors began to squabble among themselves.
    • It divided people into groups of the victors and the vanquished, bearing hatred for each other.
    • It carries the spray of foam, beer foam, through the air and into the hair of the victors.
    • In doing so she became the first Russian to win Wimbledon and one of the tournament's youngest-ever victors.
    • The victors of the Olympic Games in ancient Greece were awarded crowns made of olive branches.
    • To the victors, the perfume was the fragrance of victory - but for the prisoners it was the stench of death.
    • After three games in nine days Bolton eventually ended up victors in this game at Villa Park.
    • Silsden Park Rangers held their nerve against Lindley Swifts and came away the victors in a high scoring encounter.
    • The winner of each repechage then faces the runner-up in the other, with the two victors awarded bronze medals.