Traducción de victory en Español:


victoria, n.

Pronunciación /ˈvɪkt(ə)ri//ˈvɪkt(ə)ri/

nombrePlural victories

  • 1

    victoria femenino
    triunfo masculino
    Militar victoria femenino
    to be magnanimous in victory ser clemente con los vencidos literario
    • victory over sb/sth victoria / triunfo sobre algn/algo
    • her victory over cancer was due to will power derrotó al cáncer gracias a su fuerza de voluntad
    • to win a victory (over sb/sth) obtener una victoria (sobre algn/algo)
    • In the end it was the narrowest of victories as Harrington's game fell apart on the 16th.
    • The top two in Division Five had excellent victories in the only two games played.
    • Over the next few weeks the manager enjoyed a spectacular run of victories.
    • The repeal of the boycott last week is only a small victory in a battle that is not yet over.
    • We supposedly go in as underdogs but if we win on French soil it will be a great victory for the club.
    • Coventry came on the end of a successful run - eight victories in their last ten games.
    • The first phase of the war ended with victories beyond Japanese expectations.
    • Its creation marked a victory for the war party over the peace party led by the Earl of Essex.
    • The master alchemist of election victories claims to have detected a sea change in public opinion.
    • Black Tom Fairfax was the famous general who led his armies to tremendous victories in the Civil War.
    • Her determination brought its reward with a number of junior tournament victories.
    • Their victory narrowed the gap at the top to just two points instead of being eight behind.
    • We had to get a victory somewhere and there was nowhere better than with this game.
    • It is also no good imagining that landslide victories are any guide to legitimacy.
    • We will win victories we cannot now imagine, and live through shattering defeats.
    • Graf was having the year of her career and was on the way to four Grand Slam victories and Olympic gold.
    • He played in other chess tournaments too with some notable victories over leading players.
    • Both sides came out hoping the seal victory but again there was a long hard battle ahead.
    • After all, British films are capable of scoring multiple nominations and victories.
    • After some initial successes by the Italians, the Austrian armies began to win victories.