Traducción de victuals en Español:


vituallas, n.

Pronunciación /ˈvɪt(ə)lz/

sustantivo plural


  • 1

    vituallas femenino
    víveres masculino
    • I declined the victuals although others partook of cheese, crackers and fruit cake.
    • Shall we go sate my appetite for perishable victuals, my ever-loving husband?
    • They were to get the same bread rations as active soldiers, plus a specified daily pay and an opportunity to buy victuals if a commissary was not providing the same.
    • Ma always made good food, if the atmosphere at the table wasn't the best, the victuals were always top notch…
    • Feeling a bit hungry from my long cruise, however, I begged off and looked for some victuals.
    • As was the custom at the time, he went to the house of the poet of Niall to ask for victuals for the journey.
    • I remained calm, though, because he would not go far without me, and I had plenty water and victuals to keep me going for some way yet.
    • And the men took of their victuals, and asked not counsel at the mouth of The Lord.
    • They consume their victuals from an upside-down position in the belief it causes indigestion, sends the blood to the head and therefore increases belligerence gainfully.
    • If a man were sick and obliged to stay within, no victuals for him that day.
    • Next I had to fling some victuals into the sucking void of self-digesting agony that was my stomach.
    • Ah, all done, you'll be better within the hour, now I must go fetch you two some victuals.
    • If you equate vegetarian food with starch, stodge, and more starch, you'll be delighted to learn there's a restaurant in Singapore free of associations with vegetarian victuals and 1970s communes.
    • Take food: our hunter-gatherer ancestors never knew a time where there were unlimited victuals.
    • During that time she only ate mild herbs and light victuals.
    • When like me you have chosen the tough and rugged regime of living in a lighthouse for two nights, you will know that getting your daily victuals can be a demanding task.
    • And then I remembered the cider in my ice-chest, and after victuals and a brief respite, the evening started.
    • Bangkok's so awash in quality victuals, it's tough to stand out from the pack.
    • After the round of introductions, it was time for some victuals.
    • So I stowed, in waterproof containers, in the back of my canoe, victuals and wine and a picnic blanket and other such finery.