Traducción de video en Español:


video, n.

Pronunciación /ˈvɪdioʊ//ˈvɪdɪəʊ/

nombrePlural videos

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    video masculino
    vídeo masculino España
    on video en video
    • video recording grabación en video
    • He moved to visual images and video after he came to the Media Lab.
    • The trust has provided seven school systems with audio and video equipment, including, of course, free cable.
    • Photographers may select NTSC or PAL video formats for image review.
    • Home networks are going to require a stable, flexible system that handles video in real time and is extremely easy to use.
    • This is because stores often hook up many TVs to one video source, degrading image quality across all the screens.
    • No phones currently include 1394, though this could change in the future as more phones support video and images.
    • The manual also describes National's broadcast video products and evaluation boards.
    • A similar story is the adoption of the DVD to replace the old analog VHS video system.
    • The multiple cameras allow for simultaneous recording and video, which will match data frame-by-frame.
    • Other, virtual reality-type simulators combine video or computer images with tactile feedback.
    • I have always been fascinated with both mediums, and particularly combining video and still images.
    • It can also support concurrent sessions of broadcast video, the Web, VOD and HDTV.
    • And in terms of picture quality, broadcast video beats streaming video in most cases.
    • Churn figures are lower for more mature cable systems, where digital video has been in place longer.
    • Oh lastly I think pushing language and the visual medium of video was key.
    • Seachange owns a server system that manages digital video for television and telecommunications companies.
    • For the recording of swimmers' movements on tape you can use normal video equipment with special underwater system.
    • The entire building is wired with high-tech audio, video, and communication systems.
    • He was using the satellite phone, which carried video also so his image came up simultaneously on the large screen television in the den.
    • Sony seems to grasp this, which is why their Home Theater System had two video input functions.
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    video masculino
    vídeo masculino España
    a home video un video casero
    • a pop video un videoclip
    • before noun video club videoclub
    • video film videofilm
    • video library videoteca
    • The picture quality is clear and bright, but only four of the videos are filmed in widescreen, and none are anamorphic.
    • Earlier the bench, chaired by Janet Child, had watched a video filmed by Elliott as she photographed the two women.
    • His life changed forever when he watched a video of the cult film The Blues Brothers, starring John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd.
    • He was taken to Halifax police station and shown a video of unused material filmed as part of a BBC undercover documentary, Secret Agent, screened last year.
    • Over in the New Concept wing, the preschoolers watch a video narrated by Ossie Davis on how snow is made.
    • Throughout his busy day, Paul finds time to look for Harry but also to film a video, record some songs, and daydream.
    • He's noticed that this is what teachers always do with the dumb kids - make them watch videos.
    • And we should also be even more shocked when some people just don't care and just want to watch the video again.
    • I also remember seeing the newsreel of the promo for the film on a video at Cliff's house.
    • He had to fly back to New York the next week to film the video for the single that was being released off the album.
    • This series comes with a guide book for using the videos as course material.
    • But now the problem is that I have to watch the video that was recorded of me, and pick out one spot to show my tutor.
    • At night, I watched videos people had recorded of the abuses as they took place.
    • As homework you are asked to watch a video of a film that you dislike, that may even disturb you, and watch the film with the sound switched down and to rewrite the scenes that upset you.
    • There is a sublimely deadpan scene of Hunter and Arquette sitting around watching crash-test-dummy videos.
    • In a scene played for laughs, he even watches a video about voodoo so he can render her powerless to resist his advances.
    • It happened less than a month after he met her, while they watched a video of Ingmar Bergman's Persona.
    • If a moviegoer tried watching a video with the sound off, the silence would be deafening.
    • The Ring made watching the video scary, and The Grudge… well, try walking into a dark room after you've seen it.
    • Students even use them in the gym, whether to watch instructional videos or to download iTunes music for gymnastics routines.
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    video masculino
    vídeo masculino España
    • We went out to dine last night, so I set the video to tape Maria Callas: Living and Dying for Art and Love.


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    (signal/channel) de video
    (signal/channel) de vídeo España

verbo transitivovideos, videoed, videoing

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    • I shall be videoing the television coverage, and may even tune in if rain stops play in the Sri Lanka test match, but shan't give it much thought.
    • We photographed and videoed the fantastic creature.
    • I'm going to go down in history as the worst organised student ever - I've forgotten to video the next two chemistry programmes as well.
    • I beg you, please get someone with a camcorder to video you doing this talk.
    • The race has been videoed and this tape is the second piece of evidence the stewards rely on.
    • I've just watched a film which I videoed last night.
    • Tom Hardwick gave a wonderful illustrated lecture on how to video a wedding.
    • The Friedmans had been very quick to embrace home movie technology - so much so that they videoed the minutiae of their daily lives.
    • And all the time they continue to video the family, bonding, breaking and ultimately falling apart.
    • I saw 2 episodes that friends video'd, about the same as everyone else I know, despite the fact we all loved the show!
    • A group were bullying a lad at school and videoing his beatings on their phones, before sending on video clips to fellow pupils.
    • A four-hour epic film I'd videoed was cut abruptly minutes before the end.
    • Ref blows the full-time whistle and you video the teams shaking hands and walking off the field.
    • So to ease my pain I've been videoing chunks of afternoon television to remind myself that the cosy world of midweek inactivity isn't necessarily as rosy as I remember.
    • What made it an even greater pleasure was that parents and pals were taking photographs and videoing the whole thing.
    • Uncle Rico lives in a trailer and is stuck in the past, reliving his glory days as a football also-ran by videoing himself throwing balls.
    • Each of her shows is exhaustively videoed, with photographers allowed to take close-up shots, a practice that verges on the creepy.
    • In some cases, interviews can be videoed and Police video units are being upgraded to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities.
    • We'd hired an old fashioned car for the day, a photographer and someone to video the whole thing for us.
    • So she packed up and headed to Israel to video it.
    • Winders also claims that the test was videoed by a television station, which may be correct, though I've no memory of such involvement, at all.
    • The Wasps need an experienced cameraman to video matches, an important role as tapes of incidents may have to be sent to the Rugby Football League for judgement.
    • While others photographed and videoed the wreck, my buddy and I explored it close-up, venturing into the helicopter hangar among other places.
    • Some residents have resorted to asking friends, unaffected by the interference, to video a programme for them as it is the only way they can watch it clearly.
    • The purpose: to video the Prince's daughter's wedding.
    • Between then and May 22 there were three face-to-face meetings between them and each time they were videoed and audio recorded.
    • And for those who sadly missed this rare live TV performance, it will be shown again on BBC Choice, and I videoed it for repeated viewing pleasure.
    • If you're videoing a central character or object, take note of the background (whatever is behind the person or object) and avoid unbalancing elements such as trees or poles.