Traducción de video recorder en Español:

video recorder

aparato de video, n.


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    aparato de video masculino
    aparato de vídeo masculino España
    • Two men were caught on CCTV stealing a video recorder from the common room before going upstairs and trying residents' doors.
    • From 1.30 pm on, Mary has three televisions and the video recorder on in the house.
    • Suddenly this all looked much easier than having to programme the video recorder.
    • Male behavior was recorded for 30 min by using a VHS video recorder on day 2 after spawning.
    • The behavior of the fly pairs was recorded using a video recorder.
    • Germination was immediately recorded with a VHS video recorder using x4 and x10 magnification.
    • They also had a security camera linked to a video recorder fitted to the rear of the house, a security light at the front and an alarm.
    • The system consists of three components: a capture unit, a standard video recorder and a replay unit.
    • I hold my remote control and - yes - I can programme my video recorder.
    • If used like an ordinary video recorder, it could record six channels of TV for ten days non-stop.