Traducción de vie en Español:


Pronunciación /vaɪ//vʌɪ/

verbo intransitivovying, vies, vied

  • 1

    to vie (with sb) (for sth)
    • we were vying with two other companies for the contract competíamos con otras dos compañías por el contrato
    • Smith was vying with Jones in popularity Smith y Jones rivalizaban en popularidad
    • various factions are vying for control of the party varias facciones se disputan el control del partido / pugnan por hacerse con el control del partido
    • They spent more time vying for prizes at the Royal Television Society than competing for business.
    • Competing organizations vied for the loyalties of Baptists on the Arkansas frontier.
    • It is also vying for competition and prices its drinks on Wednesday and Thursday nights at special rates.
    • Female contestants vied to tell the weepiest sob story to win the bushel of prizes.
    • Brides and grooms from all over North and East Yorkshire vied to win a prestigious competition launched to mark a city florist's centenary.
    • They are asked to oversee the maintenance of order in a convoluted struggle between rival groups vying for power.
    • Oinomaos had invited suitors to vie for Hippodameia by competing with him in a chariot race.
    • They are driven by a blind process of competition in which firms vie to grab a larger share of markets and profits than their rivals.
    • There has been strong competition throughout the county as young people vied to represent their district on June 28.
    • A total of 22 contestants vied for honours mixing some heady brews.
    • A healthy spirit of competitiveness ran intensely among the groups as they vied with each other.
    • Hellas is an intense little contest where two players vie to control ten cities in ancient Greece.
    • Children in all kinds of outfits vied with each other to receive gifts from radio jockey Ajai, who was dressed as the paunchy Santa Claus for the event.
    • At four cafes throughout the village contestants from the Northern Rivers and beyond vied in verse for the lucrative prize money.
    • People can be spotted jostling around and vying with each other to have their bags full of commodities.
    • A gold drinking horn with a lion's head vies with a life-size golden fish for the title of most gorgeous thing on display.
    • Players can set up their own league or vie with competitors on the Internet.
    • No fewer than 82 of Lithuania's finest competitors vied for honors in this year's event.
    • This past Monday brought out a good field of competitors to vie for the bragging rights.
    • The final round was a battle of nerves as the teams vied for top honours.