Traducción de viewpoint en Español:


punto de vista, n.

Pronunciación /ˈvjuːpɔɪnt//ˈvjuˌpɔɪnt/


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    punto de vista masculino
    from his viewpoint desde su punto de vista
    • The administration seems indifferent to data, impervious to competing viewpoints and ideas.
    • And the public does not quite understand his major viewpoints on public policies.
    • In any event, the idea is not to homogenize viewpoints or cultural perspectives.
    • Still, the opposing viewpoints on a separate Space Force warrant serious consideration.
    • They pick candidates, they pick issues, they pick sort of world views based upon viewpoints.
    • The conflict among the organizations' viewpoints rests in different perspectives of the case.
    • It's a very strange doctrine that would silence only religiously grounded moral viewpoints.
    • The story unfolds from multiple viewpoints and focuses on a number of key characters.
    • It's not a widely recognised position but every so often he does explicitly express his viewpoint.
    • We are going to try to include as many different viewpoints as our site grows.
    • A start can be world viewpoints that people hold dear and strong in their hearts.
    • Meanwhile, even extreme liberal viewpoints are promulgated as objective truth.
    • We edit from the same perspective. We present the news of our world from the same viewpoints.
    • You can look at it from a number of different viewpoints, in my view.
    • Although I don't agree with his extreme right-wing viewpoints, he has the right to express them.
    • Concerns and viewpoints on public works projects and issues within the four provinces were shared.
    • We end up with a nasty battle of limited viewpoints each struggling to dominate the other.
    • To conclude, we would like to view the reality of research from an administrative viewpoint.
    • Provide room for all responsible viewpoints, even if they're outside the mainstream.
    • This campaign will witness a stark battle of dueling strategic viewpoints.
    • By contrast, viewpoints critical of the U.S. position have barely been heard.
    • It was well worth the read from an imaginative and an intellectual viewpoint.