Traducción de vigilance en Español:


vigilancia, n.

Pronunciación /ˈvɪdʒələns//ˈvɪdʒɪl(ə)ns/


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    vigilancia femenino
    nothing escapes her vigilance no se le escapa nada
    • we mustn't relax our vigilance no debemos bajar la guardia
    • And it requires constant vigilance, and holding the feet to the fire of our elected ones.
    • But without its constant vigilance, it is very unlikely York would have survived as the city it is today.
    • We shall need permanent vigilance and constant efforts to spread democratic involvement.
    • These standards deserve constant vigilance as science in the media becomes a distinct profession.
    • In a situation that we face today constant vigilance and care are imperative.
    • Constant vigilance is the only possible response to the terrifying Rise of The Machines.
    • During the opening stages of the Tour, the favourites repeat like a mantra the need for constant vigilance.
    • That is an achievement in itself, though it also imposes on us a constant need for vigilance.
    • He said vigilance was the best way to protect small children from danger.
    • It is also required to maintain constant vigilance against external threats to the integrity and vitality of the body.
    • The watch and vigilance of the learned members of the judiciary effectively supplements their role.
    • Media companies were given a warning last night to maintain constant vigilance.
    • At any time it can warn to the owner any conditions to caution him to raise vigilance.
    • Continued vigilance and attention at farm level to bio security is, and will remain, important.
    • There has to be constant vigilance in reporting new cases or old ones now revealed.
    • Congratulations for your vigilance in watching the government and thereby protecting us all.
    • These guys certainly show, in my mind, why they should be under constant vigilance.
    • Constant vigilance in the form of the water control is necessary to monitor for this.
    • Prevention is one of those things that is something that needs constant vigilance.
    • Freedom requires constant vigilance - but if we surrender our personal key to this box we do so at our peril.