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    • Her mind was still as sharp as glass shards, though her physical body was lacking in vigor.
    • In fact, just 10 minutes of moderate exercise can improve overall mood, as well as increase vigor and decrease fatigue, according to a study in Health Psychology.
    • War makes him a whole man again, and gives him the heart, strength, and vigor of a hero.
    • A typical heart failure patient will have become accustomed to an inexorable decline in physical vigour.
    • The cornerstone of Army victory is the health and vigor of its soldiers.
    • Then a male who is unmistakably outstanding in health and vigor offers females that mate with him an inherited healthiness in their offspring that is well above average.
    • According to the study, symmetry of face and body suggests health and vigor - and therefore genetic fitness - while asymmetry implies the opposite.
    • Aided by the river's rapid current, he swam several miles downstream in an impressive display of physical vigour.
    • Winners are selected on the basis of high academic achievement, integrity, leadership potential and physical vigor, among other attributes.
    • He stood with great strength, with great vigor, with great solidarity.
    • ‘We're against apathy,’ he says, setting the juice aside. Renewed health and vigor seems to flow into him as he warms to his topic.
    • A fable based on such behavior might even have some truth to it: a few biologists have suggested that giraffe necks grew longer because females saw them as a sign of male vigor.
    • As the name suggests, the dish is regarded as a health tonic and is usually eaten at the height of summer as a way of restoring one's stamina and vigor in the debilitating heat.
    • He was unusual among Bolshoi dancers in having not only strength and athletic vigour, but elegance too.
    • What would the relations between the generations be like if there never came a point at which a son surpassed his father in strength or vigor?
    • Some appeared to be very sick and feeble while there were also young men and women in best of health and vigour.
    • Conductors, too, can retain their musical powers long after physical vigour has departed.
    • You are blessed with good health and vigour, which enable you to participate in busy schedules.
    • Older people will always lack health and vigor relative to younger people.
    • His upbeat message is that aging does not mean inevitable decline in physical fitness, mental acuity, and sexual vigor.