Traducción de vindicate en Español:


justificar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈvɪndɪkeɪt//ˈvɪndəˌkeɪt/

verbo transitivo


  • 1

    (action) justificar
    (assertion) confirmar
    (right) reivindicar
    their methods are vindicated by the results los resultados reivindican sus métodos
    • Until now welfare reform has proved all its critics wrong and more than vindicated its supporters.
    • These revelations certainly vindicate the concerns he expressed at the time.
    • Our approach to training was vindicated by the results achieved when the dogs were formally evaluated.
    • These warnings appear to be amply vindicated by events in recent years.
    • Inherent in Augustine's lifelong concern to vindicate providence was his belief that no pain or loss is undeserved.
    • It also vindicated her version of events on that tragic day in the Outback.
    • People feel that we were vindicated in opposing the war.
    • The events of yesterday vindicated those who supported the idea of a road to bypass the Bingley bottleneck.
    • Others say they feel their anti-war stance has been vindicated by the events of the last week, although they stress they take no pleasure from it.
    • Well, your Honour's view about that was vindicated in the judgment of the Court.
    • But they have been as concerned with vindicating the legitimacy of moral practice and argument as with anything else.
    • He said this, and the good performance from other products, vindicated his view that producer prices should be held.
    • I really think Wanderers have done themselves proud this season and results vindicate Sam's attitude.
    • All in all it was a great return for Roy and totally vindicated Brian Kerr's determination to get him back in an Irish shirt.
    • A final area where progressive economics has been vindicated concerns the dangers of deflation.
    • The smartest way to steal their thunder - and vindicate the event - was to highlight an alternative agenda that the protesters cared about.
    • Our concerns were finally vindicated when an anonymous whistle-blower called in the National Audit Office.
    • Of course when we found the mines on board, that vindicated our concerns.
    • Today's result vindicates the hard work we have done during the winter and gives us an excellent platform on which to build for the rest of the season.
    • She feels the achievement vindicates the club's support for the team.
  • 2

    (free from blame)
    (person) vindicar formal
    • But rather than vindicating the staff I think this is more damning.
    • The purpose of a libel action is to enable the Plaintiff to clear his name of the libel, to vindicate his character.
    • Adrian was relieved and elated at the time the police vindicated him and David but that didn't last too long.
    • One can assume that not everyone understood, or believed, that the more accurate lab tests vindicated him.
    • Gidney thinks it will vindicate him, his enemies hope it will damn him.
    • The verdict of the Court of Appeal today serves to vindicate her and stands as testimony to the unstinting efforts of those supporting her.
    • The former trade minister says that he is happy to submit to any tests that help vindicate him.
    • Yet it goes to the credit of the author that she has tried to vindicate him with rare conviction and commitment.
    • But a judge and jury at York Crown Court has vindicated the officers over their treatment of Wilf Barlow, 40.
    • She comes out with an agenda, to vindicate Michael, but not to talk about herself, and I thought that was very telling.
    • My father was eventually vindicated, but not before he had spent months in Brixton prison.
    • It wasn't until the third test, conducted in a laboratory days later, that he was vindicated.
    • After a long legal battle workers were vindicated when an industrial tribunal unanimously decided they had been unfairly dismissed.
    • Against my own inclinations, I hope you're vindicated, because I'm fond of the magazine.
    • Ms Hanley vowed to continue the fight to vindicate her late father's name and reputation.
    • Had he been vindicated in the 1970s, he says he would have made the journey.
    • Representing himself, his argument will be that he has a right to vindicate his person and what he describes as his ‘good name’.
    • But people need to remember, she's in prison and we're hoping to vindicate her.
    • Not showing the replays - which would have vindicated the officials instantly - only inflamed the situation.
    • He was vindicated when UBS eventually settled out of court but hesitates when asked how much he won.