Traducción de vindictive en Español:


vengativo, adj.

Pronunciación /vɪnˈdɪktɪv//vinˈdɪktɪv/


  • 1

    (action/mood/person/nature) vengativo
    to be vindictive toward sb mostrarse vengativo con algn
    • Though Scylla is bent, harsh, and angry, the source of her rage is not vindictive.
    • Those opposing him were so vindictive, untrue and stupid that they helped his cause even more than those that praised him.
    • How much more harsh and vindictive can our magistrates be?
    • This legislation can be used by malicious and vindictive people to get at their neighbours who might have a puppy or a dog next door.
    • Of course, the senior officers ran the risk of incurring the wrath of a vindictive and ruthless Chief Minister.
    • The state has proved how nasty and vindictive it can be over all this.
    • As well as levelling whole cities, the forces of nature pursue and torment individuals in the most vindictive and sadistic manner.
    • The only way this expulsion can be interpreted is as a spiteful and vindictive move.
    • Never the less, it also makes me extremely bitter and vindictive and say horrid things.
    • The losers must not be vindictive and the winners must not be arrogant.
    • And then you can send off vindictive messages to the spammers, telling them you told on them.
    • Les had gone into the deal with full understanding of how vindictive and unforgiving Arnie and those in his organization could be.
    • Everything conspires to bring out the worst in him as he turns petty, malicious and vindictive.
    • If it was (as she claims) an accident, it was unfortunately timed to appear like a vindictive fit of pique.
    • What kind of idyll was it that was supposed to emerge from this ugly, vindictive battle?
    • Goerge says public record will show that he is not a vindictive person.
    • For the life of me I can't understand the vindictive nature of their comments.
    • It is childish and hateful to manufacture petty, vindictive cliques who seem to thrive on aloofness, exclusivity and secrecy.
    • The vindictive politics of the period may have pushed the nation over the abyss, but at least the cadres were squeaky clean.
    • Wilson thought both France and Britain were being too vindictive and unreasonable.