Traducción de vintage en Español:


cosecha, n.

Pronunciación /ˈvɪn(t)ɪdʒ//ˈvɪntɪdʒ/


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    • 1.1(wine, year)

      cosecha femenino
      the 1999 vintage la cosecha de 1999
      • Among the established heavyweights there has been extensive backing of Holland with bookmakers, while Spain are justifiably in fashion compared to relatively poor vintages on offer from Germany and Italy.
      • If there is a better novel published this year it's going to be a hell of a vintage.
      • Those of you who are of my vintage will remember the wall map from your school days - the good old Mercator's Projection.
      • People of my vintage will instantly recognise this as most certainly not produced by any common typewriter in use in 1973.
      • Their sound is of the vintage of rock 'n' roll's dawning days, raw but tight, energized but not unduly aggressive.
      • If the freak occurrences in pre-season testing are anything to go by, 2000 is threatening to be a vintage (ie: the most competitive) year.
      • After his 68 on the first day, the wine farmer uncorked another vintage round of six-under par 66 to beat Des Smyth.
      • No, he hooked up his kid with wine, and I bet it was a pretty decent vintage too.
      • Remember how poor our wine was, unlike this glorious vintage.
      • He took a sip of a particularly loathsome vintage, chewed on it for a few seconds and, just as he was about to spit, someone tapped him on the arm to ask him a question.
      • Wine lovers in the U.S. are increasingly describing their favorite vintage as molto buono, instead of très bon.
      • We haven't seen Schumacher at his vintage best this year, but he hasn't performed badly either.
      • Those of us of a certain vintage will remember what a national day of shame this was.
      • It betrays the vintage of Bartok's quartets no 3 and 4 showing much the same use of one permutating motive governing the total thematic discourse.

    • 1.2(harvest, season)

      vendimia femenino
      • It is a blend of usually the three best recent vintages, from the best vineyards and the best grapes.
      • Usually no more than 15 per cent of these blends may hail from a different vintage, or region, or grape.
      • Wines in America currently require only 95% of the grapes to come from a given vintage.
      • When fickle Mother Nature looks favorably on the French region, however, no place in the world yields more spectacular vintages than the region's Côte d' Or vineyards.
      • The 2001 vintage was a stunning one for Sauternes, and their grapes produced wines oozing in sweetness.
      • There is a natural information schema in the world of wine, based on things like country of origin, regions, vintners, vintage, kinds of grapes, and so on.
      • A garage wine in the true sense, the 1.4 hectare vineyard yields a miserly 4,000 bottles in a good vintage.
      • After the 2005 vintage no longer will any white grapes be allowed in the Chianti Classico blend and an era will come to an end in the hills south of Florence.
      • The 2000 vintage has been so kind to grape growers around the world that most of them have produced excellent wines.
      • Like a weather forecast expert, she recalled in detail the characteristics of the season of a vintage produced by her chateau.
      • His mission was to make sure the prime suspect was released in time to bring that year's vintage to harvest.
      • All the Sauvignon Blancs I tasted were from the 2002 vintage, and on this showing it seemed that the harvest had been kind to both vine and grape.
      • ‘The weather's almost always good for the grapes,’ he says, ‘and vintages don't vary much at all.’
      • In lesser vintages the grapes do not ripen as well as elsewhere but in warmer years the wines can be excellent value.
      • The designs on the shield of Achilles, in Book XVIII of the Iliad, contrast scenes of peace and harmonious governance, harvest and the vintage with scenes of war and battle.
      • From the vintage 1999 on, all the grapes for Barolo were vinified 100% with the new system.
      • He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored;
      • Our climate isn't insuperable, but it makes winemaking difficult in most vintages.

  • 2coloquial

    (generation, age)
    época femenino
    that suit must be of sixties vintage ese traje debe ser una reliquia de los años sesenta humorístico


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    (wine) añejo
    • One wine writer of the old school refused to partner his great vintage clarets with smelly French cheeses, believing the pair to clash horribly.
    • The characters - a horse, cat, sparrow, monkey, cat and dog - are fed vintage wine and exquisite food and are blissfully unaware of the outside world.
    • I will serve vintage wine and also a bowl of corn.
    • Bottle shapes evolved so as to allow extended bottle ageing and thus were born vintage wines, and connoisseurship.
    • Watching from the corner of her eye, she saw him swirl the alcohol in the glass as if it were a fine vintage wine, ready to be savored.
    • One group unpacked a sumptuous meal of steaming lasagna and other gourmet delights, along with the requisite bottle of vintage wine.
    • But the inherent richness of the question is somewhat like vintage wine, and is appreciated only by a few.
    • If we wouldn't guzzle vintage wine, then shouldn't we accord the same respect to life itself?
    • We organised a present of a bottle of vintage wine for Walter and it was placed by his board.
    • In place of a glass of vintage claret, the normal refreshment was green tea at around four.
    • This is basically a vintage wine that has been aged in oak like a Tawny.
    • The wines will include both special occasion vintage wines together with wines suitable for everyday use.
    • An award-winning wine cellar boasts over 400 vintage wines, from which they can choose a bottle for dinner.
    • The fine-wine merchant is the place to go if you want to buy and cellar great vintage wines.
    • The old vintage wines in the market may set back a restaurateur hundreds of dollars, but there's no risk.
    • A bottle of vintage wine with a personalized label is a nice wedding favor for those couples with a large budget, or a simply made personalized candle is a nice gift.
    • While you're at it, open a vintage claret to wash it all down and break out the chocolate-covered ants for afters.
    • It supplies everything from gourmet foods and vintage wines to the most luxurious toiletries, and even freshly-cut flowers.
    • But the quality of the year is crucial in vintage wines.
    • Homeless people on the edge of starvation do on average need that next dollar more than the fashionable elites choosing between vintage wines.
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    (outstanding, classic)
    1984 was a vintage year for burgundy 1984 fue un año excelente para el borgoña
    • vintage films from the sixties clásicos del cine de los años sesenta
    • You can also find a similar suede jacket at select vintage clothing stores.
    • She said her site would be able to carve out a niche by specialising in high-quality and vintage fashion, and by offering members the opportunity to exchange goods as well as buy and sell.
    • A bout of jaundice took the edge off my stamina once and for all and I realised then that human bodies are not like vintage motor cars.
    • The museum's hangars house rare and vintage aircraft from Alaska's past.
    • What we have here is a stunning musical idea with superior vintage Sondheim songs, all in search of a book.
    • Interest in vintage transport has been growing steadily over the past number of years and it will form a major part of the show.
    • The convoy will be accompanied by a guard of honour of 25 vintage motorcycles and will receive a Garda escort throughout its route.
    • So, just before I stash all my bits of paper from 20 years ago back up in the attic, here are a vintage selection of doodles from my Berlin years, 1983 to 1984.
    • One gentleman from Krishna district comes in a vintage 1958 Italian Fiat.
    • The vintage vehicles, representing one of the world's finest collections of military transport, were leaving the defunct museum, which closed down last year.
    • Motorcycles, trucks, off-road vehicles, even vintage Volkswagen bugs are part of the lineup.
    • Many seek out vintage food and wine posters, which ‘have become a huge business,’ she said.
    • Top-end couture will be represented by a collection of vintage Galliano knitwear, all of which featured in his first show as an independent designer.
    • The vintage selection is beautiful, with 1950s print dresses costing £55, but the no-returns policy means it might be safer to stick to the main range.
    • He has a Santa Claus-like beard and often wears vintage leather motorcycle gear.
    • Three vintage motorcycles added a further exciting dimension for motor lovers to what was a truly enjoyable weekend.
    • Lynn Wyatt reached into her attic closet, rich with magnificent gowns, and selected a vintage haute couture Nina Ricci.
    • She also opened an office in Ireland after realising the country had no suitable insurance policies for vintage motorcycles.
    • On display will be old tractors, implements, stationary engines, model steam engines, vintage motor cycles and cars, crafts and displays.
    • By age 13, he had a small but representative collection of vintage rifles, sights and other accessories.
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    the speech was vintage Churchill fue un típico discurso a lo Churchill
  • 4humorístico

    prehistórico humorístico