Traducción de visibility en Español:


visibilidad, n.

Pronunciación /vɪzɪˈbɪlɪti//ˌvɪzəˈbɪlədi/


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    (range of vision)
    visibilidad femenino
    • Airborne ash can diminish visibility, damage flight control systems and may cause engine failure.
    • Always check weather and visibility with a local dive centre before setting off.
    • State what were the conditions of sea, weather and visibility at the time of the accident.
    • Motorists should be particularly wary of spray from other vehicles reducing visibility and the possibility of aquaplaning on roads slick with water.
    • The weather is unpredictable and visibility can often be poor.
    • The system even accommodates reduced visibility in changing light conditions thanks to a rain/light sensor.
    • The rear lights have adaptive infrared control which adjusts the brightness of the LED diodes to match visibility and weather conditions.
    • ‘It's important you have clear visibility of other vehicles on the road and that they can see you,’ he said.
    • We were below the weather, with good visibility, but the field wasn't there.
    • Wet weather and poor visibility increases the need to have items like brakes and tyres in perfect working order.
    • As well as the obvious increased air pollution and reduced visibility, local bushfires are a potential health concern.
    • As visibility decreased dramatically, transport in the capital became virtually impossible and accidents multiplied.
    • With clear skies and unlimited visibility, weather was not determined to be a factor.
    • The information may also be passed on to divers, who are working in arduous conditions, battling poor weather and visibility as well as up to four metres of silt.
    • Path clear in good weather, but poor visibility would require OS Explorer map and compass.
    • Regional Airport was 7,000 ft overcast with seven miles visibility in light rain.
    • You will dive in calm conditions in which poor visibility is made up for by the abundance of macro wildlife.
    • It was raining and the light was poor, but underwater visibility wasn't bad.
    • Most accidents in the past two months were the result of poor visibility because of rainy conditions, she said.
    • The howling wind and driving rain had created zero visibility conditions.
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    notoriedad femenino
    sports sponsorship gives the company greater visibility el patrocinar deportes le da mayor notoriedad a la empresa
    • Indeed, today, storage management has such prominence and visibility that it is now seen to be a major focus of corporate attention.
    • It has given us a degree of visibility to the public and given reassurance to the passengers and the company itself.
    • The prestige and visibility of the White House gives them a powerful natural advantage.
    • Women have worked to gain recognition, access, and visibility in the leadership ranks of higher education.
    • The Internet allows individuals to maintain a Web site and have the same global visibility as a major corporation.
    • Women's eNews today has a commentary on the lack of visibility of prominent women in the media.
    • It will also be good for the company's visibility in general.
    • An unlikely tenet of her new strategy: boost the visibility of prominent blacks and other minorities.
    • City pages of newspapers are filled with high visibility advertisements for new products.
    • The group has many attractions, notably its high visibility, industry leading presence and devout customer loyalty.
    • A disproportionate amount of the lower visibility general assignment positions have historically gone to women and minorities.
    • Can these structures retain their radical visibility and accessibility within political contexts?
    • Cyber security has grown in importance and visibility, and political clout.
    • Her visibility attracts plenty of attention at the post office from coworkers and customers, she says.
    • Monsanto knows better than any other corporation the costs of visibility.
    • Growing cultural visibility reflects very real changes in the status of homosexuality throughout the Western world.
    • By giving use and visibility to the general usage of metadata, there's an incentive to converge on the same vocabulary.
    • Besides shocking me, it got me to thinking about the value of various types of products and their visibility in use.
    • Because of her visibility, she is no longer able to work as an undercover agent.
    • We use them as a marketing office, to talk about the products and create some visibility.