Traducción de visit en español:


visita, n.

Pronunciación: /ˈvɪzɪt//ˈvɪzɪt/


  • 1

    (brief call, stay, trip)
    visita femenino
    we had a visit from the health inspector el inspector de sanidad nos hizo una visita
    • to pay a visit to sb hacerle una visita a algn
    • to pay a visit to sth visitar algo
    • I must just go and pay a visit necesito lavarme las manos
    • this is my first visit to Rome esta es la primera visita que hago a Roma
    • a private/an official visit to Washington/Moscow una visita privada/oficial a Washington/Moscú
    • I can't stop thinking about my visit to Germany around Christmas time two years ago.
    • Better keep your friend and your roots for wonderful visits, and stay where you already have not only friends but also your network of casual acquaintances - your world.
    • Hawkes Bay was a really nice place, and being only 4 hours from Wellington, I can potentially see some future weekend visits to stay there and see more of what it has to offer.
    • So, as a special surprise to Kelly, I decided to pay her a visit.
    • One night my mother must have arranged to pay her a visit, but must have been unable to arrange for someone to look after me, so had to take me with her.
    • A few years later, Esther made her first visit to France and stayed a few days with some French friends of mine.
    • Having ranted considerably, welcome to my new English civilian female friend who has decided to pay me a visit in the club this evening.
    • On our recent visits, we have stayed at an excellent B & B, which I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone planning a visit.
    • Jamie Kennedy is a cooking legend in Ontario, and we had been advised to pay him a visit.
    • She has often arranged visits or extended stays on location to immerse herself in a particular place, like Newfoundland, Tuscany, the Orkney Islands or Japan.
    • I will have my maid come and pay you a visit in the morning so you two can figure out your wardrobe for the coronation.
    • I was at first seduced by the usual friendly warmth I encountered, but after many visits and stays of several months, I have lost patience.
    • It's a little empty at the moment, but pay him a visit anyway.
    • Use local directories to find the suppliers close to you and pay them a visit.
    • If you have lost your pet recently, please pay us a visit, your dog may be here at Manchester Dogs' Home waiting to be claimed.
    • It was in these dormer bedrooms that Alan Crawford and his family stayed during their weekend visits.
    • Ilandere had become accepted as part of the winter household, as lots of nobles stay for extended visits at each other's mansions.
    • I have an apartment where I stay during my visits to Sofia and I give employment to more than 40 people around the country.
    • Bookworms receive two warning letters before library bosses print off a list of offenders so Barry can pay them a visit.
    • I could just pay him a visit tomorrow and tell him a story about a little island I visited last year.
    • Yes the good doctor has been gracious enough to pay me a visit tonight.
    • During his visit, he is staying with Bronek Rejek, a prominent figure within the Swindon Polish community.
    • Pay them a visit as they appreciate any business that might come their way.
    • Joao has lots of interesting posts transcribed from English-language sources so pay him a visit.
    • The Prince had been staying at Yew Tree Farm, Rosthwaite, where he also stayed during his last visit to the county.
    • Perhaps the Planning Office of Bromley would like to pay us a visit to appreciate the result of this decision.
    • When I was in London I popped up to Kettering to pay him a visit.
    • If you want a intensely good view of the action, go pay him a visit.
    • Here comes too much peace and quiet, while we wait for our demons to shake off their hangovers and pay us a visit.
    • Unfeeling officials pay her a visit and briefly explain the details.
    • The photographs were exhibited for the first time at a resort in Pulimkudy, where the couple have been staying during their three visits to Kerala so far.
    • One of their most popular rooms is called the Churchill Suite, where it is believed Churchill stayed during his visits.
    • Longer stays and midweek visits are also usually available at competitive prices.
    • The visit on Tuesday, June 10, marks British Tourism Day, which will see nine members of the Royal Family taking part in tourist visits.
    • My grandmother took ill recently, so I had to make a sojourn back to Red Bank and pay her a visit.
    • The stay was a transit visit of less than 72 hours that did not require an entry visa.
    • He moved to Johannesburg in 1903 and, in between return visits to India, stayed in the country for 21 years before going back to his homeland.
    • The length of the visit, a full week, is also three days longer than the longest of the Prime Minister's US visits - a trip to a Nato conference in 1999.
    • At present, the city receives over 2 million expatriates on temporary visits to Shanghai every year.
    • It was meant to be a temporary visit, but Tokyo broke its promise, and said they were not going back.
  • 2EEUUcoloquial

    charla femenino
    conversación femenino América Latina
    plática femenino México América Central
    conversa femenino Andes
    • For a long time, these visits were simple informal ‘hi and how are you’ stops in JoAnn's office.
  • 3

    (to a web site)
    visita femenino
    acceso masculino
    the number of visits to a web site el número de visitas al / de un sitio web

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (museum/town) visitar
    (friend) visitar
    (friend) ir a ver
    you should visit us more often deberías venir a vernos / a visitarnos más a menudo
    • we were visiting Joe estábamos de visita en casa de Joe
    • they're visiting us for the summer vendrán a pasar el verano con nosotros
  • 2

    to be visited with sth
    • the country was visited with a plague of insects una plaga de insectos azotó el país
  • 3

    to visit sth on sb infligirle algo a algn
    • the punishments visited on them by the gods los castigos que los dioses les infligieron

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (pay a call) hacer una visita
    (stay) estar de visita
    she's always promising to visit siempre está prometiéndonos que nos hará una visita
    • he doesn't live with us, he's just visiting no vive con nosotros, está de visita
    • is visiting allowed? ¿se permiten las visitas?
    • to go visiting ir de visita
    • I've invited her to come and visit next year la he invitado a que venga a visitarnos / a pasar una temporada con nosotros el año que viene
  • 2visiting pres p

    (team) visitante
    (lecturer) invitado
  • 3EEUUcoloquial

    charlar coloquial
    to visit with sb charlar con algn coloquial
    • stay and visit (with me) for a while quédate a charlar (conmigo) un rato