Traducción de visor en Español:


visera, n.

Pronunciación /ˈvaɪzər//ˈvʌɪzə/


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    visera femenino
    • Consider, for example, an automotive visor, It is a two-piece part (excluding the mounting hardware).
    • Light visors, which are worn like caps and provide patients with increased portability, are another available source of light therapy.
    • I am quickly surrounded by retired Americans wearing green visor hats, honeymooning couples, and a multitude of cameras.
    • If your doctor suggests that you try light therapy, you will use a special light box or a light visor that you wear on your head like a cap.
    • The visor of his cap was pulled low, obscuring most of his face, but his upturned collar gave him away.
    • Elizabeth gave the visor of her youngest son's cap a firm knock even as she smiled.
    • It is a six-panel constructed mid-crown, 100% cotton twill front and visor with heavy garment wash.
    • The soldier's visors automatically adjusted the light for them after a few moments.
    • Add shades and a visor style hat and you have the perfect beach look with your hair being conditioned while you play.
    • He is the one with the visor beanie, and he's really hot, too, just like the rest of them, in a quiet, modest way that is radically different from his brother.
    • Then I added a few other odds and ins such as euro lights, window visors, floor mats, racing pedals, and headlight covers.
    • I saw them in the mall at Zumiez the last time I went with Jules… A visor beanie, or something like that…
    • When you are looking for a replacement part, be it a replacement visor or a clutch master cylinder, the array of available sources can be hard to sift through.
    • Instead of giving up books, she figured out that if she used a dental visor with a strong light and a magnifying glass, she could read for a few hours.
    • ‘When people see Tiger Woods and almost everyone else wearing visors and caps at the U.S. Open, that affects the business’ he observes.
    • I chuckled to myself while I walked toward the car and jumped in, glancing in the rearview mirror to smooth my hair back and slip on a visor cap and my new sunglasses.
    • And I said, no, not a visor cap, but a golfer's cap, like my dad would wear.
    • Black accessories now matched the other services, and a black trouser stripe, with gold chin strap and visor cap embroidery, identified officers.
    • The glass of the screen shattered as well as the visor.
    • ‘A lot of the kids tend to be wearing the visor beanies right now,’ says avid snowboarder and Plush manager, Aaron Long.
    • Caps are 12.5 oz. wool blend and have buckram-backed front panels, pre-curved visors, and grey undervisors.
    • In another scene, bright light glints off the visors of scores of young-looking cops in full riot regalia shifting uneasily in the sun, as a dull rumble grows from somewhere offscreen.
    • South-facing classrooms required solar protection and, to maintain daylighting, horizontal visors were designed to act as reflectors, bouncing light up on to the ceiling.
    • A person could place his hand in an x-ray beam before a luminescent screen and view his own bones through a hooded visor.
    • In hot weather, a visor is cooler than a cap, because it doesn't trap the heat.
    • The visor of his cap is pulled low over his brow, so that he tilts back his skull to see.
    • I put on my brown bomber jacket and my white beanie with the visor on the front.
    • Others use light visors, sunglasses-like visors with small lights inside.
    • This is why many pros wear sunglasses or visors / caps when playing, they know that the eyes rarely lie.
    • They placed the gel electrodes to their temples and the strobe visor in front of their eyes.
    • In her experiments she either stood face-to-face with them - protected by a plastic visor - or she used photos.
    • Light therapy is the recommended first-line treatment for SAD. Light boxes are most often used for light therapy, but dawn light simulation and light visors are also available.
    • The attacker was black, about 5ft, and wore dark clothing and a dark baseball cap with the NBA insignia on its front and visor.
    • The Sweep is available in both road and mountain versions; the only difference is a tidy plastic visor stuck onto the front of the off-road model.
    • It clips to pockets, lapels, vehicle visors, gun cases - almost anywhere.
    • Vix activated her rearview screen in her visor and gasped as Troy held off a pair of fighters with bursts of chaingun and plasma cannon fire.
    • Her black hat, with a small visor in the front, wrapped around her bobbed purple-red hair.
    • They boy was also dressed in baggy clothes, although instead of a baseball cap he was wearing a flipped white visor cap.