Traducción de vitality en Español:


vitalidad, n.

Pronunciación /vʌɪˈtalɪti//vaɪˈtælədi/


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    vitalidad femenino
    • If the hands are skinny and narrow, this shows a lack of energy or vitality.
    • It is as if becoming prominent in a public sphere starts to rob you of the energy and vitality that drove you there in the first place.
    • If they do not have vitality and energy, you are not getting the most out of them.
    • The illustrations are full of vitality and have their humorous touches.
    • Among his circle of friends, however, he was revered for his humour, charm and vitality.
    • Taking one step at a time with complete attention and energy brings vitality and creativity to all you do.
    • The vitality of the democracy that has emerged from it is by any standards remarkable.
    • His seminal works are more than three decades old and yet his books retain a strange, contemporary vitality.
    • Often what Nietzsche means is something close to vitality or even liveliness.
    • The feeling of energy and vitality returns along with a sense of joy.
    • These changes require each of us to bring a sense of passion and vitality to the table each day.
    • It was this intimate knowledge of the human body that gave their work such dynamic vitality.
    • It releases tension, increases vitality and creates wholeness of mind, body and spirit.
    • She was a woman of unusual energy and vitality and was at the height of her powers when she died.
    • Time and again on his frequent annual visits here, he speaks of the inner vitality and dynamism of India.
    • The vigour of our country is no stronger than the vitality and will of all our countrymen.
    • He looked like a man possessed, full of energy and vitality, but he moved deliberately.
    • Functioning at sub-optimal levels of health, energy and vitality seems par for the course for so many of us these days.
    • Nothing sells fitness better than a healthy body that sparkles with energy and vitality.
    • The energy and vitality of his singing and dancing lighten things up considerably.
    • Sadly, this spark of vitality leaves the movie long before the curtain falls.