Traducción de vivacious en Español:


vivaz, adj.

Pronunciación /vaɪˈveɪʃəs//vɪˈveɪʃəs//vʌɪˈveɪʃəs//vəˈveɪʃəs/


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    lleno de vida
    • She said Johnston will be remembered for her vivacious nature, spirituality and hard work.
    • He had been married only a year, but he could no longer make love to his energetic, vivacious wife.
    • Good for very young readers, this book is about a vivacious mom in a wheelchair.
    • A lively and vivacious teenager, Katie was an exemplary student loved by her teachers and fellow pupils alike.
    • Rule-breaking was one of the things I loved most about my silly and vivacious wife.
    • She was a very bubbly and vivacious woman who usually had no difficulty meeting people.
    • Foreign girls are vivacious, flirtatious, open minded and fun.
    • I became once again vivacious and cheerful, thanks to the effect of his powerful will.
    • He wanted to know how the bubbly and vivacious girl was coping mentally.
    • Within the space of a day, this young, vivacious woman had managed to awaken him as no other had done.
    • At the school dance, a teenager kept his eye on a beautiful, vivacious girl, a little older than him and with curves in all the right places.
    • Meanwhile, Patrick - confident and laid-back - is trying to finish with the vivacious Susan.
    • He instantly whipped around to stare at the vivacious girl with her hand placed on her hip.
    • It was so amazing, meeting her in person, and she's really as bubbly and vivacious as she appears in writing.
    • Fresh, vivacious and lively, this wine has enormous energy and vitality.
    • She was such a bright, vivacious person, my angel, my star, my baby.
    • She was tiny, pretty, and vivacious, her sparkle compensating for a lack of education.
    • Countless women have been simply delighted by this charming and vivacious woman.
    • Anyway, she was a vivacious, ebullient sort of girl, and I took an immediate liking to her.
    • When he was beginning to be more worried than angry, he finally asked a crewmember if they had seen his vivacious wife.