Traducción de Viyella en Español:


viyela, n.

Pronunciación /vʌɪˈɛlə//ˌvaɪˈɛlə/


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    viyela femenino
    • No wonder those who still wear tweed jackets, Viyella shirts and ‘frocks’, as opposed to dresses, can't stand them in return.
    • Tickets are available from Viyella or Marlborough Prospect shops.
    • Clients include Viyella, Windsmoor, Brook Taverner and many more; they have a successful website and are planning to introduce a company pension scheme.
    • Coats will be exiting the apparel business in order to focus on its profitable global threads business, as well as its Jaeger and Viyella retail operations.
    • Because Viyella is new here in Marlborough it was a good chance to show ourselves to the people of Marlborough.