Traducción de vocalist en Español:


cantante, n.

Pronunciación /ˈvoʊkələst//ˈvəʊk(ə)lɪst/


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    cantante masculino
    • This new album proves to be a modern day masterpiece laden with swirling strings, swing beats and guest vocalists a plenty.
    • It's too bad the vocalists fade out near the beginning, instead of joining in to help take the mood over the top.
    • Well we have 3 songwriters and 3 vocalists so we have a few different styles.
    • It's also proof that the Mamas were simply the finest group of vocalists to have ever found their way into a recording studio.
    • About half the songs have Spanish lyrics with a variety of sexy female vocalists that blend very well with the accompaniment.
    • Massive Attack used to be adept at bringing lesser known vocalists in to the mainstream and making them shine.
    • The steady trickle of female, retro styled soul vocalists is threatening to become something of a deluge these days.
    • Lead vocalist Pamela Brennan is the best of the available vocalists here.
    • Most of the tunes are instrumental, though he drafts a few guest vocalists to quietly croon or blues-up the sound.
    • But he has done an awful lot to open the door for jazz pianists and vocalists to cross over into the mainstream.
    • He's a guest vocalist on a Sharon Robinson album in all but name, and that's a waste.
    • What we've seen as well is the emergence of new female vocalists.
    • We've recruited mad Lizzy on keyboards and we're looking for female backing vocalists too.
    • Jim loved the lyric and took the song into the studio with guest vocalists Collin Raye and Susan Ashton.
    • Without the benefit of any of the guest vocalists, the band is still able to construct a coherent story.
    • Their music is spellbinding at the best of times, yet in the hands of their vocalists, it can be out of this world.
    • The Blood Brothers' two vocalists play off one another, entwining their lightspeed lyrics into one orgiastic mass of sound.
    • Mid-song, he calls up two backing vocalists to join him, and later adds a drummer.
    • Luckily this has been balanced out by a mixture of house beats, vocalists and a synthesizer.
    • Like all great vocalists, notes not words are her primary tools for communication.