Traducción de vociferous en Español:


vociferante, adj.

Pronunciación /və(ʊ)ˈsɪf(ə)rəs//voʊˈsɪfərəs/


  • 1

    (crowd/assembly) vociferante
    (protest) ruidoso
    they were vociferous in their protest protestaron ruidosamente
    • More vociferous opponents of the ID card may wish to sign this pledge also
    • Further jeers, it seemed, were never far from the lips of the more vociferous elements in this splendid stadium.
    • After World War II, the Canadian Indians became more vociferous in demanding a restoration of their rights.
    • However, despite vociferous appeals from the striker and the home crowd, referee Ian Brines waved play on.
    • People could object to anybody on moral grounds - I'm sure that some of the more vociferous nations might want to object to us!
    • The closure programme was pushed though against vociferous and sometimes frightening opposition.
    • Those who call themselves left wing are among the most vociferous opponents of change today.
    • However, Mr Moor said a vociferous minority were spreading misinformation about the genuine risks of mobile phone masts.
    • The most vociferous condemnation of player behaviour in recent years has come from the media.
    • Many of those who are most vociferous on the matter have been the custodians of the town's infrastructure for years.
    • Now the Attorney came out and he was vociferous in his criticism of that decision.
    • No one was more vociferous in condemning it than Mr Walker.
    • There are increasingly vociferous complaints from agencies that child protection is worse then ever.
    • Against this background, the brave calls of a vociferous few to sue the company and its directors ring hollow.
    • In an article for Scotland on Sunday today, Galbraith issues his most vociferous criticism of the policy yet.
    • Joe Leonard has been vociferous in his demands that Lissadell House be preserved.
    • But Cork, driven on by a vociferous home crowd, finished well with a Paul Tierney point.
    • He was a vociferous supporter of the miners in the 70's, and was a lifelong Labor supporter.
    • Kiwi Greg Turner, one of the most vociferous opponents of the ticketing policy, has had a busy few days one way and another.
    • But it's a difficult place to play in because the crowd are more vociferous than they are anywhere else.