Traducción de vote en Español:


voto, n.

Pronunciación /vəʊt//voʊt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(ballot cast)

      voto masculino
      sufragio masculino formal
      to cast one's vote emitir su (or mi etc.) voto formal
      • we won by two votes ganamos por dos votos
      • I gave my vote to the Green Party voté por el / voté al Partido Verde
      • there were many spoiled votes hubo muchos votos anulados / invalidados
      • one man, one vote sufragio universal
      • The decision will be put by referendum to the vote of electors in the different regions.
      • But their share of the vote at 32 per cent had barely altered from that of the two previous elections.
      • The Tory share of the vote increased by only 1%, but they are undoubtedly back in business.
      • Crucially though, they failed to significantly increase their share of the vote.
      • As a result our share of the vote dropped and we lost one of our six Westminster seats.
      • We were the only major party to increase our share of the vote and I believe that our positive and non-sectarian attitude was the reason.
      • For the first time ever in a federal election, the Green Party won a significant share of the vote.
      • He won the election with 52 per cent of the vote - the biggest election victory in the history of the club.
      • But it did win significant shares of the vote in some of the 120 constituencies where it put up a candidate.
      • That result puts Labour back in office with the lowest share of the vote in British electoral history.
      • Its share of the vote is back to where it was in the 2004 local elections, and from which it went on to win the following year's general election.
      • Despite some state suppression, it gained 17 per cent of the vote in the 1937 elections.
      • The runner-up spot would be an undreamed of triumph for the Tories, but probably her best hope is for a significantly increased share of the vote.
      • With 680,000 members and a 21 percent share of the vote, it was the largest Italian party at the time.
      • He won a big majority on a low share of the vote in 1997 and enjoyed another landslide three years ago on a very low turnout.
      • Labour attracted its lowest share of the vote since 1935, and the Conservatives attained a majority of 144.
      • At least a 60 per cent share of the vote was needed to effect any change.
      • He and the other independent between them got 65 per cent of the vote as the electorate gave two fingers to party politics.
      • Voting will be by means of proportional representation with the number of seats a political party gets corresponding to its overall share of the vote.
      • He said he was pleased his share of the vote went up 1,500.

    • 1.2(right to vote)

      the vote el sufragio
      • to give sb/gain the vote conceder a algn/conseguir el sufragio / el derecho de / al voto
      • One of the guests seemed to say that if women hadn't had the vote every election since World War II would have been won by the Labour Party.
      • A bill to give women the vote in local elections was introduced into the French parliament in 1906, but was promptly defeated.
      • This act, which redistributed the parliamentary seats and more than doubled the electorate, gave the vote to many working men in the towns.
      • In 1928, all women were given the vote, thus creating universal suffrage.
      • In 1906, Finland became the first nation to give women the vote in national elections.

  • 2

    • 2.1(act)

      votación femenino
      to call for a vote pedir una votación
      • to put sth to the vote, to take a vote on sth someter algo a votación
      • I was going to post something, but couldn't decide between a possible four posts so I thought I'd put it to a vote.
      • But she added the vote was secret because ballot papers are locked away until they are counted on June 10.
      • However, the changes are unlikely to be put to the vote before the parliamentary elections in June.
      • Okay, let's put it to a vote: Do we want to change the coverage, or keep it the same and dig deeper into our pockets?
      • When an offer was made, even though the union considered it to be an insult, the union did not put it to a vote.
      • But a nationalist boycott of the vote resulted in an overwhelming rejection of union with the republic.
      • The House held four plenary sessions debating the issue before it put it to a vote on Monday.
      • They called unanimously for a strike vote and ballot papers have now gone out.
      • At the time we said we'd draw up a shortlist and put it to a vote.

    • 2.2(collective decision)

      the vote was 12 to 4 in favor el resultado de la votación fue de 12 votos a favor y 4 en contra
      • she proposed a vote of thanks to the Chairman pidió que constara el agradecimiento de todos al presidente
      • The simple system in which each voter gives a single vote to their favourite candidate can also lead to tactical voting.
      • An astonishing majority of Scottish voters cast their vote for candidates and parties running on pro-European tickets.
      • Voters will have two votes on their ballot paper - one to vote for or against a regional assembly and the other to decide on the restructuring of local government.
      • All you are talking about changing is in the region of five to ten votes per ballot box and that's what it will come down to.
      • He garnered 296 votes in a ballot of 300 members of the election committee, with one member not showing up.
      • In London people will get three ballot papers and five votes on 10 June.
      • People must sign the declaration attached to the ballot paper or their vote will not be valid.
      • Election staffers did not notice the huge disparity between ballots cast and valid votes until two days after Election Day.
      • He is likely to secure some votes in almost every ballot box in the county and could be over 3,000 when the tallies are done.
      • In 1952, the Republican Eisenhower got 56% of the votes in the general election.
      • Twelve MPs attended the meeting and four who were unable to be there sent votes by secret ballot.
      • At the recent elections seven candidates polled around 5,200 votes and came second in two seats.
      • Anyone who votes for this act should not deserve our votes in the general election.
      • The state is reporting that more than 500,000 people have cast their votes via absentee ballots.
      • With 363 voted, he was just thirteen short of the quota and was elected on the second count with votes to spare.
      • Citizens cast their votes for candidates on the ballot.
      • In manually counted elections, people can observe the votes from each ballot box being counted.
      • At the last general election in 2001 he had a majority of 4,275 votes over the Conservative candidate.
      • The 275 MPs will cast their votes by secret ballot.
      • His party candidate polled over 400 votes in the last election, which is higher than the current victory margin.

  • 3

    • 3.1(total votes cast)

      the Republican share of the vote el porcentaje de votos republicanos

    • 3.2(votes of a group)

      voto masculino
      the women's vote el voto de las mujeres

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    which way will you be voting? ¿cómo va a votar?
    • to vote for sb votar por/a algn
    • to vote on sth someter algo a votación
    • to vote for/against sth votar a favor de/en contra de algo
    • we voted against a strike votamos en contra de la huelga

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(support, choose)

      votar por
      vote Stevenson! ¡vote por / a Stevenson!
      • I've voted Republican all my life toda la vida he votado por / a los republicanos
      • This sounds idealistic, of course, but voting isn't something that should take one day.
      • The Council consulted him and discussed legislative projects, while the Senate voted on those projects.
      • So of course city-dwellers voted for someone who promised more government welfare.
      • Voters will be able to vote before normal polling day.
      • So they accompanied us, even though of course they couldn't vote.
      • An indirect initiative is where the state legislature will vote on the proposal put forward.
      • New voters who register close to election day are more likely to vote than voters who registered a year or so before the election.
      • Then the whole Senate votes for or against confirmation.
      • If you're only thinking ideologically, of course you vote for the incumbent of your own party.
      • Two-thirds of each house of the state legislature must then vote for it, and the governor then sign it.
      • A direct initiative is where registered voters vote on the proposal put forward.
      • It is not a criminal offence to vote as you wish in a democratic society.
      • Finally, the Legislature will vote to pass the entire budget lock, stock and barrel.
      • I am looking forward with interest to see how the Government votes tonight.
      • All this will happen, of course, after the voting has taken place and the result has been declared.
      • This was despite a record of 13 million new voters registering to vote in 1992.
      • People vote for their elected leaders, of course, but they vote for lawmakers to make laws.
      • If a recall motion is submitted, the legislature must vote on it within 15 days.
      • As far as I was concerned I would be registered to vote at the next election.
      • I wasn't registered to vote in Liverpool, where I was a student.

    • 1.2(elect)

      elegir por votación
      we voted her treasurer la elegimos tesorera por votación
      • she was voted onto the board fue elegida por votación para integrar la junta
      • to vote sb into office votar por / a algn para un cargo
      • to vote sb out of office votar para reemplazar a algn en su cargo

    • 1.3(declare, judge)

      the program was voted a complete failure el programa fue considerado un fracaso rotundo

  • 2

    • 2.1(approve)

      they voted themselves a pay increase se aprobaron un aumento de sueldo
      • In 1856 the South Australian government had voted a sum of money to help in the search for gold.
      • Therefore it would be unseemly for Parliament to vote money for a member of the royal family.

    • 2.2(decide)

      to vote to + inf votar por + inf
      • members voted to raise subscriptions los socios votaron por aumentar la cuota

    • 2.3informal (propose)

      to vote (that) votar por que + subj coloquial
      • I vote (that) we go by taxi yo voto por que vayamos en taxi