Traducción de voter en Español:


votante, n.

Pronunciación /ˈvəʊtə//ˈvoʊdər/


  • 1

    votante masculino
    he's a lifelong Democrat voter siempre ha votado por / a los demócratas
    • before noun voter registration inscripción en el censo electoral
    • Online voters also have the option of voting with a paper ballot in the traditional way.
    • Would you happen to have access to the percentages of eligible voters who in fact voted?
    • No wonder only one in three voters bothered to vote in last month's local elections.
    • Hence the political strength of the citizen body as voters in the citizen assembly.
    • There was no way of checking whether the person who had applied for the vote was the legitimate voter.
    • To be a single-issue voter, especially in this election, is ignorant and selfish.
    • The system asks voters who they plan to vote for and then analyses the results.
    • A state law allows polls to close early if all registered voters have cast ballots.
    • At the stage of completing the ballot paper the voter has exercised his right to vote in order of preference.
    • As a result voters could get a vote at a polling station while still being able to vote again online from home.
    • What do you think will be the most important issue for voters in this election?
    • Polling cards are sent out to all voters and give details of where and when to vote.
    • So why is the voter turnout so low during the election that directly affects us all?
    • The fact that only a small percentage of the voters bothered to vote is neither here nor there.
    • On this he is out of tune with the majority of Liberal Democrat voters, who wholly oppose war.
    • I assume this means you think we've hit on policies which might be popular with voters.
    • Every person who is eligible to vote must be registered as a voter in a single polling division.
    • Argentine voters are due to go to the polls to elect a new president on 30 March next year.
    • This applies to both voters that have applied for a postal vote and those that have not.
    • As a minimum, every postal vote should record the national insurance number of the voter.