Traducción de vowel shift en Español:

vowel shift

cambio vocálico, n.


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    cambio vocálico masculino
    • There is more to changing fashions and vowel shifts than matters of taste or style, as a conference organised by the Institute of Ideas will examine this weekend in London.
    • Observations suggest that some Australians may be following the NZ lead in the vowel shift, but the pattern appears to be increasing divergence from the old near-identity.
    • I can accept that cks could become x, but why the vowel shift?
    • Languages are constantly evolving, inventing new words, adopting new words from elsewhere, undergoing vowel shifts, and you name it.
    • All of these languages are characterized by a highly inflected grammar, meaning that grammatical structure is indicated by prefixes, suffixes, vowel shifts, and other changes of words within a sentence.