Traducción de waist-deep en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈˌweɪst ˈdip///


  • 1

    (snow/water) que llega hasta la cintura
    we were waist deep in mud estábamos hundidos en el barro hasta la cintura
    • we waded waist deep through the river vadeamos el río con el agua hasta la cintura
    • Avis reported seeing a local resident standing in waist-deep water, helpless as her furniture floated down the road.
    • At a quarry in Lancashire a 13-year old girl became stuck waist-deep in a muddy pool.
    • The time to build an ark is before the raging flood is upon us, not after we're waist-deep in the tides of chaos and despair.
    • We finally drifted into waist-deep water and dragged the boat onto the beach.
    • The rescue team, including Tendring Council nature wardens, spent hours waist-deep in mud and water tending to the animal.
    • We were going to be descending in a storm, in waist-deep snow, through perfect avalanche conditions, and I was convinced we were going to die.
    • Hundreds of patients, doctors and nurses were trapped for days at New Orleans Charity Hospital, surrounded by waist-deep water without power, food or medical supplies.
    • They waded waist-deep in the grass in a compact body bearing an improvised stretcher in their midst.
    • More than three weeks after the floods began, water still lies waist-deep or higher in some areas.
    • The pair waded through waist-deep freezing water to reach a woman who had fallen down an embankment in Broadbent.
    • Local residents trudged up the sidewalk in waist-deep murky brown water to higher ground.
    • Heroic lifeboatmen worked waist-deep in breaking seas in a desperate bid to save a stranded boat
    • Mr Price said he had spoken to a friend in the centre of Milnsbridge who had helped pull screaming children from cars submerged in waist-deep water.
    • ‘My house is destroyed and all my possessions are buried somewhere under waist-deep mud,’ Bhuiyan said.
    • A terrified Essex family waded waist-deep through a raging torrent to escape flash floods which devastated a Cornish village.
    • I was waist-deep in the swamp for weeks and weeks.
    • I accidentally took a step into a snowdrift and found myself waist-deep in snow, and later when I was trying to climb down a bank I slipped and fell quite heavily onto my back.
    • Doctors had to amputate the leg of a 14-year-old boy attacked earlier today while fishing in waist-deep water.
    • Mr Watson and the Russian helped fellow hotel guests and at one stage found themselves waist-deep in water and sewage.
    • As she waded through waist-deep flood waters to get to the worst affected areas, she could see the devastation all around.