Traducción de waiting list en Español:

waiting list

lista de espera, n.


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    lista de espera femenino
    • Joy arrived five years ago, when she was put on the waiting list for social housing.
    • Thousands of other sick people languishing on transplant waiting lists across the country are not so lucky.
    • The Auditor General's report into hospital waiting lists last week was pretty damning any way you look at it.
    • Charging patients who fail to keep hospital appointments could cut hospital waiting lists.
    • Once the guide dogs are fully trained they are matched with a blind person on the waiting list.
    • Unfortunately, this fell on the very day that we learned that hospital waiting lists are longer than ever.
    • The gynaecology waiting lists are some of the shortest waiting lists at the hospital.
    • They also spent over two years on the active waiting list before receiving a transplant.
    • I find that your name is still on the waiting list and that you have not yet been admitted to hospital for your operation.
    • Housing chiefs say that waiting lists and homelessness are likely to grow during this period.
    • Mr Greenway claims the decision does not make sense and will increase patient waiting lists at other hospitals.
    • In two thirds of cities surveyed, waiting lists for public housing are a year or longer.
    • The waiting list for heart surgery in a public hospital is now more than a year.
    • The housing waiting list was still far too long and he hoped to see more schools completed on the new housing estates.
    • Housing stocks are limited and waiting lists in the borough continue to grow.
    • The total raised so far could wipe out NHS waiting lists for eight years.
    • So are most of the people whose names languish on social housing waiting lists around Nunavut.
    • The fund was set up two years ago to reduce waiting lists for hospitals.
    • He attended the hospital for five months and was placed on a waiting list for a liver transplant.
    • Nearly half a million people could benefit from a new scheme aimed at reducing hospital waiting lists.