Traducción de waitstaff en Español:


camareros, n.

Pronunciación /ˈweɪtstæf//ˈweɪtstɑːf/



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    camareros masculino
    meseros masculino América Latina
    mozos masculino Cono Sur Colombia
    mesoneros masculino Venezuela
    • Communication is key, from beer company to wholesaler to operator, from headquarters to bar manager to waitstaff.
    • But shrewd restaurateurs and bar owners know that the secret weapon lies in the hands of a highly trained waitstaff.
    • But for reasons unexplained, the waitstaff informed the VIP his dinner entrée was no longer available.
    • Better product makes for better drinks, enhancing the dining and drinking experience and improves your waitstaff's tips.
    • The waitstaff all across the ballroom has begun to shuttle the hundreds of dinners to the gala patrons.
    • When a customer in the dining room has questions, the waitstaff brings a bartender over to the table.
    • But this is by far not the only reason to choose Julep's: the tenders know their bar and their job well and the waitstaff is the friendliest and most efficient around.
    • The waitstaff was terrified, and they couldn't fool around.
    • Food's great, terrace is wonderful and the waitstaff is very friendly under all the attitude.
    • If tips motivate waitstaff to provide better service, why shouldn't they motivate professors to prepare better lectures?
    • The waitstaff seems to have been there since 1924 as well, and they bring you huge honking piles of food, including pretty much a loaf of bread with everything.
    • It's a good reminder for us when we start to take our bartenders and waitstaff for granted.
    • You have to learn these whiskies or some long-term staff member does, and then you have to teach your bar-tenders and waitstaff.
    • It's quite simply some of the finest food I've ever eaten, prepared by a wonderful chef and presented by friendly, knowledgeable waitstaff.
    • The bartenders and waitstaff all wear ties, and the average age of employees has risen from 16 to 21.
    • Although the unmarked door would insinuate that only the coolest are welcome, once inside the waitstaff and bartenders are super friendly and accommodating.
    • Your waitstaff should know why Macallan is sherried, which beers are light dark, malty, or hoppy.
    • Beginning this fall, Allied Domecq brands launch new educational programs for bartenders and waitstaff.
    • The restaurant is cafeteria-style, so there's no waitstaff to rush you out.
    • This meeting, led by Myers and general manager Esti Benson, 29, includes all of the waitstaff, the floor managers, and the hosts and hostesses.