Traducción de waiver en Español:


no aplicación, n.

Pronunciación /ˈweɪvə//ˈweɪvər/



  • 1

    (of rule) no aplicación femenino
    (of rule) exención femenino
    (of payment) exoneración femenino
    • It is also argued that the Agreement has the effect of constituting a waiver of litigation privilege.
    • The funds were to be used to reimburse city departments for lost revenues for fee waivers granted to applicants.
    • If the court refuses to consent to the waiver, it must provide written reasons for doing so.
    • It provided for a waiver of all claims for the period before 1 January 1993.
    • In the event that particular and substantial injustices arise from the formula it would remain open to the Law Society to grant waivers as they have done in the past.
    • Nixon says subrogation waivers in contracts of all types are becoming more common, although they vary in content and scope around the country.
    • Section 190, dealing with waiver, refers to a formal waiver by order of the court.
    • The tuition waivers are also available to all foster children.
    • At current prices the waivers amount to a gift of $13.6 million, and the value could rise even higher if Halliburton's stock price continues to climb.
    • Since they were not privileged, it is not apparent how their disclosure could amount to waiver.
    • Such production shall not be deemed to constitute a waiver of any privilege in any other proceeding or context.
    • Incentives would have to include tax waivers, for instance, on appropriate equipment used in production and which were environmentally friendly.
    • In Mr Godfrey's opinion Clause 8 does not deal with cancellation but more appropriately deals with disclosures and waivers of rights.
    • The issues of negligence and the waivers of liability are matters to be determined at trial.
    • The mere fact that he did as asked cannot in my judgment be properly treated as the waiver of an express statutory right.
    • The fact that another franchisee has decided to participate in the litigation does not alter the waiver.
    • Firms using a third-party reviewer would be granted a fee waiver.
    • Have you sought any instructions from Dosca Ltd as to the waiver of that privilege?
    • He prepared a separation agreement that included a waiver of spousal support.
    • Silence or mere lack of objection does not constitute a lawful waiver.
  • 2

    (of claim, right)
    renuncia femenino
  • 3

    documento de renuncia masculino
    • CPT McAlpin refused to sign the waiver, and questioned the very legality of the order.
    • You can sign the waiver that will be enclosed in the report, pay any tax you owe, and be happy its over.
    • We regret we cannot be legally responsible for any errors in this analysis and staff will be required to sign a waiver.
    • The day of his accident, Glover had signed the waiver, surrendering any right to sue the company.
    • A written waiver was prepared by counsel and signed by Blanchard.
    • All of her friends' parents will need to sign waivers now.
    • The district provided the information, also permitting parents to sign waivers for the bilingual program.
    • Flash your MasterCard, sign a liability waiver and you're a member of the club.
    • After a long briefing, extra liability waivers had to be signed.
    • Should the BMJ ask patients who write criticisms of doctors to sign a waiver permitting the doctor to respond?
    • Some states require that signs be posted throughout a facility while others require signed waivers; some require both.
    • It has nothing to do with that fact that he signs a legal document, a donor waiver agreement - that's just a piece of paper.
    • To protect yourself, get signed waivers for these installations.
    • At best, Mrs. Gauthier understood she was signing a waiver of property rights.
    • They signed privacy waivers to get the media release, then the media release only told half the story.
    • In terms of liability, parents can sign a liability waiver for the conference.