Traducción de wallop en Español:


darle una paliza a, v.

Pronunciación /ˈwɒləp//ˈwɑləp/

verbo transitivo


  • 1

    darle una paliza a
    darle una tunda a
    pegarle fuerte a
    • He can cut loose, smash and wallop the ball for towering sixes and delightful fours.
    • The pitch stayed up and was walloped 438 feet to left center, a three-run, two-out homer that put the game out of reach.
    • Martin walloped me on the back and poured me a double and, ‘shamed as I am to admit it, I started bawling and wailing.
    • I'm a pensioner for goodness sake, I'm hardly likely to go round walloping people.
    • Stephen Carson walloped another long-range shot goalwards, although this one demanded fine handling from the goalkeeper currently on loan from Manchester United.
    • A wonderfully-struck drive from Scotland, following yet another exciting slalom across the face of the Dunfermline defence, walloped the crossbar before flying out of harm's way.
    • Needless to say, I'm currently getting walloped by Tim Blair, but as they say, if I have to walloped by anyone, I'm glad it's him.
    • To the band's credit, this only seems to increase their pummelling potential, provoking them into walloping, abusing and thrashing their amps harder than ever.
    • That's bound to confuse future historians, but not as much as another recent discovery, Heidbanger Hole, in honour of the unfortunate speleologist who walloped his head on his way out.
    • Cordelia leaned over and walloped him once, hard, on the back.
    • Her own three sons - whom she was still cheerfully cuffing into their twenties - had always been walloped when they were naughty.
    • Angrily, he grabbed the first thing that came to hand (a wooden spoon), crossed the room in three strides and walloped Simeon as hard as he could.
    • In what other football game, one might ask, is the skill of those who get the ball and wallop it up the pitch - hopefully to one of their own players - so admired?
    • Sheffield followed by taking him even deeper, walloping a towering homer into the upper left-field deck.
    • The metropolitan area has been walloped by the loss of nearly 10,000 high-paying telecom jobs and - in a recovery that's so far jobless - there is little relief in sight.
    • The visitors sensed they had the upper hand at this point and on 25 minutes, they nearly stole a second goal when Kieran O'Donnell walloped the crossbar from all of 40 yards.
    • In Florida, as in at least 20 other states with similar laws on the books, pricing curbs kick in during declared emergencies - say, when thousands of residents have been walloped by a natural disaster.
    • In Warsaw a protester hurled an egg that walloped him on about the same quadrant of his person as did the egg thrown at the deputy prime minister the week before.
    • From there the striker had a straightforward job of angling his body and walloping it home.
    • They dive over the plate to wallop outside pitches up the middle, knowing the inside strike won't be called.
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    darle una paliza a coloquial
    • The semis saw Oak beat Sun and Tankard wallop Hammerton Social 6-0.
    • True to his ultra-aggressive nature, Lance has decided to wallop his rivals who think he can be had with a psychological blow right out of the gate.
    • Last week was not only good for the Party, it was a triumph for Fox, which walloped its cable rivals and the ‘big three’ networks in the ratings.
    • But Cosmos still remain one of the teams which inflicted a heavy defeat on Bucks when they walloped them 5-1 in a Coca Cola Cup in Umtata a few years ago.
    • Valencia did not look like champions and had arrived demoralised after a first league defeat last Sunday and a 5-1 walloping from Internazionale in Europe.



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    golpazo masculino coloquial
    to give sb/sth a wallop darle un golpazo a algn/algo coloquial
    • she landed on the floor with a wallop se pegó tremendo porrazo al caerse
    • He is big, and broad and takes guard with a wide stance and hits the ball an enormous wallop.
    • With that Allardyce stands up and wallops Mark and Lard, leaving them flying into the crowd.
    • In sheer desperation, Smith swung his left, missed badly, and for this mistake received a mighty downward wallop on the left ear, and Les was in the act of following on with his left when Smith shot out his right to the body.
    • He looked at me from under his bushy European mullet, through glazed eyes and gave me a wallop on the shoulder.
    • It appears that she got a hefty wallop from something heavy, which has pushed her sideways several inches over the edge of her plinth.
    • He showed his determination to hang in there when he refused to be substituted despite taking a nasty wallop on the side of the head in the first half.
    • They gave it an almighty wallop and the alarm sounded.
    • I must go down to the basement at once with my trusty two-by-four and administer a few more bracing wallops.
    • He's not the biggest guard in the league, but his punch packs quite a wallop.
    • When she wakes up from that whack you gave her, she'll be ready to deal you a wallop, I'm sure.
  • 2Britanico argot

    cerveza femenino
    • Blossom hill White Zinfandel 2000 Easy drinking and packing a huge fruity wallop, this delicious vintage reeks of luscious, ripe strawberries and cream with a refreshingly crisp finish.
    • Wallop was a slang term for beer, and Codd's wallop came to be used by beer drinkers as a derogatory term for weak or gassy beer, or for soft drinks.
    • In particular, their Jacobite Ale packs a bit of a wallop.