Traducción de Walter Mitty en Español:

Walter Mitty

Pronunciación /wɔːltə ˈmɪti//ˌwɔltər ˈmɪdi/


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    a Walter Mitty character una soñadora femenino
    • Was he a good man or was he a Walter Mitty fantasist?
    • She also vented her anger over Downing Street spokesman Tom Brown's description of his resembling a Walter Mitty character.
    • Any idea that he was a Walter Mitty character has crumbled.
    • Jailing him Judge Charles Wade said: ‘The expression ‘a Walter Mitty lifestyle’ has not been mentioned in this but it seems a reasonable thing for me to say.’
    • During his court appearance White's mother described her son as a Walter Mitty character, who created plans in his own mind which had no chance of coming to fruition and which bore no resemblance to reality.
    • Mr Kosword QC for Peter Jones compared these to the day dreams of a Walter Mitty.
    • Though Grant's writing could be incisive and even belligerent, in manner he was more of a Walter Mitty.
    • Did this man whose entire life has been spent as an office worker in dull and colorless businesses in rural Pennsylvania just suddenly have a Walter Mitty fantasy that happened to come true?
    • This is not the raising of scenarios by a Walter Mitty amateur detective helping the police.
    • The piece of the plan that is reminiscent of a Walter Mitty escapade relates to the proposal to recruit 200 business bankers in Britain within three years.
    • ‘He was a bit of a Walter Mitty character,’ said Det Insp Clay.
    • ‘Paul was a bit of a Walter Mitty character,’ said Mr Barnes in his statement.
    • The lovely Jef writes that my blog ‘has a Walter Mitty quality.’
    • Many may of course just dismiss Mike as yet another farang who has come here to retire, and reinvent himself, like a Walter Mitty, as the character of his fanciful dreams.
    • McLean, United's former manager and chairman, had previously declared he would never sell his 42% stake to a man he dubbed a Walter Mitty character.
    • None of this Walter Mitty posturing especially surprised Schwarzkopf, who points out that he'd already known Cheney as ‘one of the fiercest cold warriors in Congress.’
    • Another witness, Neil Smithson, described Barry Trumen as a Walter Mitty character.
    • Yet in the report they called him a Walter Mitty character and ignored his intelligence.
    • Off the record, that guy probably was a bit of a Walter Mitty / Billy Liar type character.
    • John Brown is an out-and-out liar for all the reasons that I see printed in comments before mine, which came to mind as I read this Walter Mitty fantasy.