Traducción de wander en Español:


pasear, v.

Pronunciación /ˈwɑndər//ˈwɒndə/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (in a leisurely way) pasear
    (aimlessly) deambular
    (aimlessly) vagar
    (aimlessly) caminar sin rumbo fijo
    (aimlessly) errar literario
    we spent the afternoon wandering around the village pasamos la tarde paseando por el pueblo
    • they found him wandering around the streets lo encontraron deambulando / vagando por las calles
    • she wandered around the room in a daze daba vueltas por la habitación como aturdida
    • we're going to wander back now vamos a volver sin prisas
    • he wandered in at ten llegó a las diez tan campante / como si tal cosa
    • she wandered all over the world se recorrió todo el mundo
    • his fingers wandered over the keyboard sus dedos recorrieron el teclado
    • the stream wanders through wooded valleys el riachuelo serpentea por entre valles poblados de árboles
    • He laughed and wandered farther down Moonglow Road until he came to a lone house on the deserted street.
    • If people know generally that dingoes, kangaroos, emus and brumbies are likely to wander onto the road, they are aware of it and they drive accordingly.
    • He wandered on down the road, tears streaming down his cheeks, the questions whirling in his brain.
    • My mum had called the police after seeing Mikey in a distressed state, wandering up the road when it was gone midnight.
    • According to myth, Irish Travellers are a group who were dispossessed by the famine and they were forced to wander the roads by British colonialism.
    • When it was lunchtime on his first day he wandered across the road to the recreation ground which had a small grandstand.
    • We turned a corner of the road and wandered down another street much the same as the others.
    • He stuck his hands in his pocket and wandered off down the road.
    • It's compounded as I wander up the road in search of refreshment.
    • There is green slime on the grass, the pavement and the road and the geese cause almost continual hold-ups for the traffic by wandering about on the road.
    • As I was looking for a place to stay I wandered off Jomtien Beach Road and noticed what I thought would be a reasonably quiet place to stay.
    • Giving up on the idea of watching the first run of the show, we wandered back down the road to get front row seats for the second leg.
    • Anyway, after work I wandered down a lovely road in a studenty part of town and picked up some food and some wine.
    • We looked at the Falls, which were quite foggy, then wandered down the road a little bit to try to see the Canadian Falls better.
    • He took a couple of cans, made sure others saw, and wandered up the road toward home drinking.
    • I wandered up the road to take a closer look at the mayhem.
    • At Leeds he wanders around the Elland Road ground, chatting happily with groundstaff, physios, doormen and pampered millionaire footballers alike with the same easy familiarity.
    • Serious traffic accidents were narrowly avoided as numerous motorists were forced to swerve to avoid the animals that were wandering along the main road at Fossa.
    • As he wandered along the road to the bus station he felt strangely hollow and remained silent on the journey to Horsham.
    • And there was a loony-looking guy wandering around the road and everyone was staring at him.
  • 2

    don't let the children wander away from the car no dejes que los niños se alejen del coche
    • without realizing it, we had wandered from the path sin darnos cuenta nos habíamos salido / alejado del sendero
    • the aircraft had wandered off course el avión se había desviado de su rumbo
    • don't wander off! we're leaving in five minutes no te vayas por ahí, que dentro de cinco minutos nos vamos
    • he was bored so he let his mind wander estaba aburrido, así que se puso a pensar en otra cosa / dejó vagar su imaginación
    • concentrate! don't let your mind wander! ¡concéntrate! ¡no te distraigas!
    • don't wander off the point no divagues
    • (because senile, mentally disturbed) she wanders a bit divaga / desvaría un poco
  • 3wandering present participle

    (actors) itinerante
    (tribe) nómada
    (salesman) ambulante
    (gaze) errante literario
    (path) tortuoso
    to have wandering hands tener las manos largas
    • the Wandering Jew el Judío Errante

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (meadows/hills) (for recreation) pasear por
    (meadows/hills) (lost) dar vueltas por
    I spent an hour wandering the corridors me pasé una hora dando vueltas por los pasillos
    • to wander the streets caminar sin rumbo fijo
    • While wandering the area you can explore the Tipi maze, petting zoo, live music, and pumpkin patch.
    • The four of them wandered the sidewalks and parks half of the time looking for their undeclared leader, and the other half of the time they just had fun.
    • Apart from these, Indian wandering monks traveled the breadth and length of this whole area.
    • Raydeana tuned out his words again, watching the people wander the streets around her.
    • He said that people were not safe because of the amount of hounds wandering the streets of the town.
    • Wednesday is a free day so Liz can wander the area on her own or take part in an optional trip with the group to Granada.
    • Even if I were dead, he left me to wander the desolate battlefield, my soul forever in turmoil in such a place.
    • When he's not here, I often see him just wandering the area.
    • Unable to sleep, Roza took to wandering the castle aimlessly, once again prey to her restless and relentless torment.
    • Even what was supposed to be the ultimate taboo, murder, has been demystified and wanders our streets aimlessly every other weekend.
    • I watched him wandering the room in circles, having no idea what he did with me the night before.
    • The fox wandered the area, and went a little ahead, finding not much, besides a few more berries that had not yet spoiled in the coming winter.
    • There is a significant number of people of east European and Oriental extraction wandering the streets of York at any given time.
    • Her mother had sent her shopping with a maid, and now she was wandering the marketplace, searching for various materials.
    • There are wild-looking cats wandering the open areas and this might upset the very sensitive.
    • We did see loads of deer though, and right in the township happily wandering the streets trying to con food off people.
    • Morodiel had been wandering the park for fifteen minutes since that Yossirian guy had left.
    • Finally, the same irony that wandered the killing fields of the Sudan, like the ghost of murdered rationality, has returned to haunt the ruins of Iraq.
    • He wandered the seedy areas with his eyes wide open and his camera at the ready.
    • I have fond memories of wandering our farm, bringing my father his lunch during the spring field work.



  • 1

    (no plural) vuelta femenino
    (no plural) paseo masculino
    we're going to have a wander around the shops vamos a dar una vuelta / un paseo por las tiendas
    • we'd better take a wander back now mejor nos volvemos ya