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war pension


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    pensión (de veterano) de guerra femenino
    • A former Army officer suffering from noise-induced hearing loss yesterday launched a legal battle for a war pension that could affect tens of thousands of ex-Service men and women.
    • Mrs Shepherd said she had withdrawn the cash - which she had saved up over many years from her war pension - to pay for a holiday and an outing to the seaside.
    • Two of the 18 orders apply movements in the consumer price index to the rates of social security benefits, New Zealand superannuation, and war pensions.
    • Mr Cooper, 67, from Romiley, Stockport, has never received any compensation or a war pension.
    • Months after the High Court refused to overturn a landmark ruling which officially recognised the condition, some 1,500 veterans have claimed for a war pension citing Gulf War Syndrome as the reason.
    • Four of the 14 orders apply to movements in the consumer price index, and two of those concern increases to social security benefits and allowances, and to war pensions and allowances.
    • The policy has effectively been a tax on war pensions and has cost the city's veterans up to £18m.
    • The War Pensions Agency has received claims for a disability pension linked to the disease and all but one has resulted in the payment of a war pension.
    • Instead of having to apply separately for local and national benefits - including housing, child tax credits, war pensions, disability and income support - only a single application will be required.
    • In a few cases, the motivation was cynical - a desire to cash in on the victim's war pension, or simply a craving for a few rays of limelight.
    • More than 100 previously rejected claims for a war pension from veterans of the first Gulf conflict are to be reviewed, the Government announced yesterday.
    • Two of them applied increases to social security benefits and allowances and to war pensions and allowances.
    • She had threatened to take legal action after she was refused an 18,000-a-year war pension because the couple were not married.
    • In May the Government is introducing a new payment method for all benefits, state pensions and war pensions.
    • Lord Morris said that, to date, more than 2,000 veterans had received war pensions for illnesses that relate to service in the Gulf.
    • So far, five times as many people have applied for a war pension as did two years after the first Gulf War.
    • He applied for an extra war pension in light of his heart condition, but in August 1998 his claim was turned down by the War Pensions Agency, now known as the Veterans' Agency.
    • Over 5,000 British soldiers are on war pensions.
    • The government is currently passing a law through parliament which allows fascist fighters to be treated as ‘military combatants’ and therefore to receive war pensions and other benefits.
    • During the war he contracted Tuberculosis, which has entitled him to a war pension, and was forced to have a lung removed, which makes breathing difficult.