Traducción de warble en Español:


cantar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈwɔːb(ə)l//ˈwɔrbəl/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (haciendo gorgoritos) cantar

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (bird) trinar
    (bird) gorjear
    (person) hacer gorgoritos
    • As the weather heats up this summer, frog song may be as easy to hear as bird warbling.
    • Those were the things I mulled over that night on the gravel bar as my classmate strummed his six-string and we all joined in from time to time, warbling as only a bunch of half-tipsy songsters can warble.
    • The only other bird we saw using the houses was a small brown fellow warbling merrily for no one in particular.
    • Somewhere in the branches above her head, a thrush warbled happily, and it was all that Hope could do not to join in.
    • The B - 52's chirp and warble their way through an energetic three-song set as only they can.
    • ‘Veni, Veni, Venias,’ instead of ending with a single held note, as written, ends with the chorus warbling melismatically between two.
    • After more than forty years on the road, Ronnie Drew can still warble a song, tell a yarn and play an audience as he proved in the wonderful atmosphere of Stage 2 in The Forum on Saturday night last.
    • Equally enjoyable's Daltrey's sparkling, humorous take on ‘Mack The Knife’, complete with musical theatre ladies warbling away.
    • Then a turf cutter sat on the side of the bank and ate his repost to the song of the Lark, as it warbled above him in the clear sky.
    • She doesn't sing, she chokes, she trills, she warbles.
    • Across the river birds warble in the bush - wood pigeons, tui and native parrots flit among the nikau palms and kahikatea.
    • In fact, I'm probably pretty close to how old Jessel was back then, when he'd be dragged out of mothballs to warble outmoded old songs in that peculiar nasal delivery of his.
    • Or those interminable songs delivered with an earnest warble to three chords on a guitar that warned a complacent world that ‘the new times are a-comin’.
    • Anyway, Mary tells me that the Cuckoo has been warbling outside her door in Ardrahan for some time now and the swallows have come back to old Kinvara.
    • The episode is simply a lot of fun, as Fred and Barney unknowingly get help from Ann-Margaret in auditioning for a show she is putting on, and she even gets to warble a pair of songs herself.
    • Soon the sounds of tuning instruments filled the afternoon, then the accordion warbled out its organ-like notes.
    • In the singing department, his Bolan-esque warble is as expressive as it is idiosyncratic and lyrically, I somehow can't see him being one to slave over a couplet.
    • In the Outer Hebrides they still sing a very ancient kind of unaccompanied plainchant - first the minister starts warbling, then the congregation joins in, ululating and carolling, nasally.
    • After warbling a couple high notes in ‘I Will Always Love You,’ she stopped once again and began singing ‘American Pie.’
    • The callers recounted tedious vows, painfully off-key songs warbled by bride and groom, the inclusion of the groom's dog in the ceremony.
    • Willie Nelson is warbling through the stereo and the sun is slipping fast into the Texas Hill Country.
    • Rina's voice rose to a frantic warbling, her face turning red as well.
    • Her voice warbled once more as she caught his hand, holding it gently in her lap with both hands.
    • The audio foreground, however, is dominated by the insipid, warbling, and off-key sound of Gareth Gates murdering a late 1970s disco classic.
    • That time of year when the soul can't help but be gladdened by the returning flocks of small, colourful creatures darting about the streets and lawns of Cambridge, warbling incomprehensibly.
    • She slowly let go of his hand and walked behind the makeshift stage, where a woman was warbling out a country song.
    • As the chorus finished Kyle jumped out of the crowd and finished with a solo on the final ‘Happy birthday to you’ of the song, warbling ridiculously, making her laugh harder at him.
    • There were popping sounds, birds warbling, half-stifled cries - of rigmarole of street sounds that just totally entranced me.


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    trino masculino
    gorgorito masculino