Traducción de warm en Español:


tibio, adj.

Pronunciación /wɔːm//wɔrm/

adjetivowarmest, warmer

  • 1

    (water/day) tibio
    (water/day) templado
    (wind/climate) cálido
    eat it while it's still warm cómetelo antes de que se enfríe
    • the warmest room in the house la habitación más caliente de la casa
    • shut the door to keep the room warm cierra la puerta para que no se vaya el calor / para que no se enfríe la habitación
    • the body was still warm el cadáver estaba todavía caliente
    • there was a warm breeze soplaba una brisa cálida
    • it's getting warmer ya empieza a hacer más calor
    • warm clothes ropa abrigadora
    • these gloves are very warm estos guantes son muy calentitos
    • sit by the fire and get yourself warm siéntate junto al fuego, así entrarás en calor
    • are you sure you'll be warm enough? ¿seguro que no tendrás frío?
    • chopping wood is warm work cortando leña enseguida se entra en calor
    • to make things / it warm for sb amargarle la vida a algn
    • The area has the desirable combination of cool evening ocean breezes and good summer sun and warm temperatures.
    • With relatively little snow and temperatures which are warm enough, runners can avoid excessive indoor track training.
    • During our tests, the heatsink never got scalding hot, so this may not be a priority for some of you, but it does get fairly warm.
    • Mr Schroder said warm currents and high temperatures were causing the blooms, which may cause skin rashes and eye or ear infections.
    • The rain was sweeping down from a steel-grey sky but the temperature was warm for the time of year.
    • The warm temperatures and surplus of talented winemakers makes this the most likely platform from which Viognier can launch.
    • The temperature was warm enough to be outside, and there was no rain to deal with.
    • The kids in my neighborhood played Kick the Can on warm summer evenings and I did fairly well at that.
    • The sun is shining brightly, the sky is it's own beautiful shade of blue and the day is fairly warm.
    • The brown wheat mite will be active in the fall and in the spring until temperatures are consistently warm in late April or May.
    • One of the paramedics told the other one to get a blanket for Justin so that his body temperature would stay fairly warm.
    • The warm sea temperatures have led to dozens of sightings of marine mammals off the Irish coast in recent weeks.
    • The weather here is still very warm and very comfortable in the evenings.
    • With a week of sunny days, warm temperatures and scattered rains, Nebraska's corn crop is catching up.
    • The season was still fairly warm, and he said he needed his kayak (which had been captured with him).
    • Evening had set and the mid-July air was warm but comfortable.
    • The sun remained out for the entire day and it was fairly warm, reaching a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius.
    • Is somebody at the BBC's pictures desk suffering from over-heating due to the sudden unseasonably warm temperatures?
    • Families will love both its warm temperatures and warm personalities of the locals.
    • The temperature is a warm, but comfortable; 25°C outside and there's not a cloud in the sky.
  • 2

    • 2.1(affectionate, cordial)

      (person) cariñoso
      (person) afectuoso
      (smile/words) cariñoso
      (welcome) caluroso
      (welcome) cálido
      my warmest congratulations mi más cordial felicitación
      • We all gave them very warm, loud and enthusiastic Southern California welcome.
      • Successful tourism for this country should begin there with smiles and warm welcomes.
      • A regular visitor to the station, the Mayor commended Julie for always greeting him with a warm welcome and a smile.
      • There was a warm and hearty welcome for all visitors to the Timothy family home and Mrs. Timothy always ensured that the kettle was on the boil.
      • Despite a warm welcome from golfers, caddies were less enthusiastic.
      • We thank sincerely the organisers and helpers for their very warm welcome and hospitality.
      • Jane admits to feeling much relieved by his presence, his warm voice and affection, next to her bed.
      • It is one of the most homely places in town where a warm welcome and friendly smile awaits all visitors.
      • People are very friendly over here and they honour their guests with a warm welcome.
      • A warm welcome with a pleasant smile awaited us as we entered the hotel room where she was put up with her cousin sis.
      • You could always go back a few hours or the night afterwards and be welcomed back with warm smiles.
      • York played host to the tenth and final leg of Chapman's month-long UK tour, and an eager audience gave her a warm welcome and a fond farewell.
      • Catherine was a lovely lady, kind natured and had a warm welcome for her friends.
      • She had an innate sense of compassion which reached out to the wider community and her ready smile radiated a warm welcome which endeared her to so many.
      • In fact, when people understand why refugees come here the welcome is generally warm and friendly.
      • But it sure was a far cry from the civility and warm kindness he showed me during that other party.
      • On behalf of himself and his family who received such a warm welcome, your kindness and generosity will be gratefully remembered.
      • All those who knew her and especially those many who gained so much from her tuition, warm friendship and generous kindness will miss her very much indeed.
      • They said they were overwhelmed by the warm welcome and kindness received from local people.
      • They were nearly always together on social occasions and the warm smile and friendly handshake was part of every greeting.

    • 2.2

      (atmosphere/color) cálido
      • The warm colours and textures are homely and comfortable - just walking around the shop feels good.
      • In the midst of winter, nature provides us with warm colours of orange and reds to give the impression of warmth.
      • The blues have a warm tint to them now, due to the gentle lighting of the room.
      • Following a weekend down the islands, her face got two shades darker, making the warm beige foundation of no use to her.
      • With its attractive decor, warm colour schemes and super location, this is likely to appeal to young families.
      • The family appears middle-class, living in attractive apartments, where the colours are warm and the flowers opulent.
      • Dramatic floral prints in rose or orange blossom add a splash of warm colour to whites and neutrals.
      • The walls, adjustable lighting and curtains are all in warm colour tones to ease anxiety.
      • The dark wood is complemented by the walls, which are part-papered in warm beige tones.
      • I've chosen a warm beige/brown colour, the name escapes me, but it had Kenya in the title and I thought that quite apt.
      • The warm colour of the wood gave the room a sensual feel, but neither really realized.
      • The bedroom was decorated in warm hues, and was designed to cheer a person up.
      • There are also a range of hybrids in warm yellow and orange tones.
      • The narrow entrance hall leads to a larger reception hall decorated in warm colours, with light coming from a glass and pine door.
      • In West Arcade, colours will be warm hues of grey, from blue-grey and green-grey, to red.
      • What with all the multi-shades of warm colours of a mop of hair, and funky dressing with an apron shoved on top.
      • It retains many of its original features, has been well maintained over the years and is decorated in warm colours throughout.
      • Colours are powdered pastels, warm naturals, primary colours and unusual accents.
      • This tine the flame stayed, but instead of warm orange, yellow or red it was black.
      • In Indian summers, when the weather is still good enough to sit out, it's great to have some pots on your patio full of plants with rich, warm colours.

  • 3

    • 3.1(in riddles)

      France? — no! — Poland? — you're getting warmer! ¿Francia? — ¡no! — ¿Polonia? — ¡caliente, caliente!
      • am I getting warmer? ¿me estoy acercando a la respuesta?

    • 3.2(fresh)

      (trail/scent) reciente
      (scent/trail) fresco
      • From the kitchen came other warm scents from the foods that were being prepared.
      • He felt its warm aroma fill his nostrils, and he turned his head away.
      • The flavour varies according to species or cultivar, but is generally of a sharp and bittersweet taste with a strong and warm aroma.
      • Sighing deeply, Adam caught the long remembered scent of warm pine pitch and dust.
      • Without the aid of vision, when a plate arrives, the first sensation is smell, but you also feel the warm aroma tickling your nose.
      • Walking into the kitchen, I could already smell the warm aroma of waffles and syrup.
      • I smell the warm aroma of delicious fresh dung seeping through the heap.
      • Try orange or clove to get a rich, warm scent and lavender for a light, fresh, spring-like aroma.
      • It had warm aromas of prunes, cocoa and caramel, which brought out the flavors of the chocolate cake wonderfully.
      • Lucas like the ocean, pear scented ocean, warm and strong to take him away.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (water/house) calentar
    to warm oneself calentarse
    • he warmed his hands in front of the fire se calentó las manos junto al fuego
    • After dealing with it for so long, I really grew to appreciate it, rather than hate it, even if it didn't always warm my heart.
    • The idea of Jesse warms my heart immensely and gives me some happiness when I otherwise would feel lonely and bitter.
    • It warms your heart and makes you smile to think that there is hope that these two could become friends in addition to being brothers.
    • It can stir up strong emotions from the first notes heard, driving even the coldest of people to warm their hearts.
    • The geyser works on solar heaters, which warms my planet-loving heart.
    • As it stands, it's a flawed but still engaging film that should warm the hearts of more adventurous filmgoers.
    • Each school has its own special way of doing things on the night - the naturalness of those graduating warms the heart.
    • As the oceans and ground warm up, they warm the air next to them, and this air warms the air a little higher up and so on.
    • You know, everybody has just come together for me, and I cannot tell you how that warms my heart.
    • It's pretty predictable, but there is one phrase in the article that warms my heart.
    • But all that aside, I think this film warmed my heart more than anything I've seen in a long time.
    • He warms not only the little girl's heart, but also all the millions who made this movie a classic.
    • Just don't let it warm your heart so much that you let your anger cool.
    • And that fire warms the pages of fantasy literature so much that tress whisper and rivers weep.
    • Stella the happy talker, with a laugh that fills the room and warms the heart.
    • Above all, he was a decent person, and his human decency is the fire that warms his writing.
    • The sight is enough to warm the heart of any environmentalist.
    • He is so innocent but so smart, he warms my heart every time I think of him and I will do my best to make sure all his dreams come true as will his parents.
    • Nothing warms my heart more than reading tales of people that are able to get results from our federal government.
    • It warms your heart more deeply than the standard holiday treacle, but this is, all the same, an intelligent, humane, funny and sorrowful Christmas treat.
  • 2

    (make glad)
    such unselfish devotion warms the heart una entrega tan desinteresada lo reconforta a uno

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (become hotter)
  • 2

    (become affectionate)
    to warm to / toward sb
    • we soon warmed to / toward her pronto se ganó nuestra simpatía
    • I didn't warm to him no me resultó muy simpático
  • 3

    (become enthusiastic)
    to warm to sth entusiasmarse con algo


  • 1

    to sit in the warm sentarse donde está agradable
    • come into the warm entra, que aquí está calentito