Traducción de warm-up en Español:


ejercicio de calentamiento, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwɔːmʌp//ˈwɔr ˌməp/


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    (exercise) ejercicio de calentamiento masculino
    (practice) (pre)calentamiento masculino
    today's game is a warm-up for the final next week el de hoy es un partido de entrenamiento / preparación para la final de la semana que viene
    • A week before we opened, I went to the theatre at six o'clock to do my warm-ups, and I got to the beginning of my belt, and nothing but air and squeaks came out.
    • The same could be true for Anquan Boldin of the Cardinals, who suffered a freak knee injury during warm-ups in training camp.
    • Both semis were little more than warm-ups for the main event, the meeting of Boroughmuir and Heriot's in the final.
    • The music can easily be incorporated into stretching exercises, warm-ups, aerobic workouts, strength training, yoga and Pilates.
    • Joseph offers a checklist of twelve rituals as part of the first stage or warm-up.
    • After last week's stramash at Craven Cottage, it is fair to say that Rangers don't go a bundle on gentle warm-ups.
    • And the way it is perfected is, the singers do warm-ups, which are vocal training, every day.
    • A total of 16 sports will take place at five venues and for the first time there will be mass warm-ups at each site to prepare all the competitors for the action.
    • Saturday's stage was only a warm-up in comparison to this, the toughest stage of the Pyrenees if not the entire Tour.
    • The Broncos, who need points to pull away from the threat of relegation, suffered a blow in the pre-match warm-up.
    • The finals of the younger groups are normally played as warm-ups to the main draws on the glass court.
    • Once you've arrived at the audition, find a quiet spot and do a few light warm-ups to settle the nerves: hum, run your voice up and down the keys, remember to breathe.
    • So as Lisa was choosing a shirt for Megan to wear for pre-contest warm-ups Megan was calling Charlie to see what time he was going to be at the practice run-throughs.
    • Warning-track gravel crunches underneath the spikes of coltish pitchers loping through their warm-ups in emerald jerseys.
    • After their warm-up session, they practically did everything associated with wrestling.
    • There are warm-ups and warm-downs, pressure management talks, positive attitude sessions, gym regimes and massage routines to contend with.
    • The fifteen minute call sounded, and all of the cast ventured up to the stage for warm-ups.
    • I have to report that possibly Scotland's most prestigious golf development, the new complex at Archerfield in East Lothian, has no plans at present to provide a basic gym for pre-match warm-ups.
    • After the most gentle of warm-ups he suddenly went white and, bending over in front of the press gallery, he proceeded to spew copiously.
    • Those four games are seen as the ideal warm-ups for the most glamorous of the friendlies, a showpiece trip to Germany to play SV Hamburg.
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    (for audience)
    actuación que precede a la principal
    • This is a short comedy intended as a warm-up act for the main attraction.
    • The Charisma duet and solo performer Luci are some of the warm-up acts.
    • Andy was soon offered work as a warm-up man on a number of television shows, before coming to the attention of the big bosses at the movie studio.
    • Mr Cullen was one of a couple of warm-up acts who took to the stage to fire up the crowd for the leader's address.
    • The first week we filmed I had to ask the warm-up guy to tone the audience down.
    • I started off as the warm-up act, then progressed to the actual league.
    • This is sure to be great entertainment, and a warm-up for the big bash on Sunday night in the Guild.
    • The only problem, of course, is that it's never a good idea to use a genius as your warm-up act.
    • He even toured as a warm-up act with the Harlem Globetrotters basketball side.