Traducción de warranty en Español:


garantía, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwɒr(ə)nti//ˈwɔrən(t)i/

nombrePlural warranties

  • 1

    garantía femenino
    it's sold under warranty se vende con garantía
    • to be in / under warranty estar bajo / en garantía
    • the car is out of warranty el coche ya no está en garantía / ya no tiene garantía
    • Manufacturers void their warranties if the labels on their water heaters are obscured.
    • At some point, though, the company will have to pull the plug because the warranty will be too costly to maintain.
    • If the item you have purchased is still in its warranty period, you have the right to demand a full refund, replacement of the item by a new one of the same kind, a discount, or a free repair.
    • The extent of the tax difficulties will be established and the sellers will have to provide warranties to the purchasers to cover the contingent liabilities.
    • If you buy your car here in Namibia and request the 250 km/h limiter to be removed, you will loose your warranty.
    • Check whether there are any warranties, guarantees or after-sale services provided with your purchase.
    • In nearly all cases, the equipment comes with no warranties and no guarantees that the computers will even work.
    • If you're having any problems with your new car, take it back to the dealer and have it repaired under your manufacturer's warranty.
    • Legal counsel should review all advertising materials, warranties, guarantees, and sales agreements.
    • They even come with guarantees and warranties, just as you would expect with a new model.
    • The investigation will look at both manufacturer guarantees and extended warranties.
    • Many warranties issued up to three years ago are still valid, and dealers say three-year warranties were issued with the manufacturer's backing.
    • Before you buy, have the dealer start the model up for you so you can hear how loud it runs, and check out the manufacturer's warranties.
    • According to Mr Clare, a staggering 71 out of every 100 washing machines sold with an extended warranty incur claims within three years of purchase!
    • All models have a three-year warranty (five years in Britain), while the owner gets free three-year AA membership.
    • Shop with retailers you know and trust and read their guarantees and warranties.
    • What's worse, though, is the fact that the major manufacturers shortened their warranty periods last fall to just one year.
    • All new cars come with a manufacturer's warranty, which generally runs for one to three years.
    • Details of warranties, guarantees, or other optional features, including the acceptable resulting radon level.
    • Each region of the world will set its own warranty policies, but the three-year warranty will definitely be available in the United States, he said.