Hay 2 traducciones principales de wash en Español

: wash1Wash2


Pronunciación /wɔʃ//wɑʃ//wɒʃ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(act)

      I'll give the car/the carpet a wash voy a lavar el coche/la alfombra
      • give your face a good wash lávate bien la cara
      • I'll give my hair a wash me voy a lavar la cabeza / el pelo
      • to have a wash lavarse

    • 1.2(in washing machine)

      lavado masculino
      prewash and wash prelavado y lavado masculino
      • before noun wash cycle ciclo de lavado
      • wash program programa de lavado
      • I do have a little exfoliating cloth thing that I use sometimes and then throw into the wash with the other laundry.
      • Switching off the TV at night instead of leaving it on standby, saving the weekly wash until you've got a full load, and only boiling as much water as you need, can all save money.
      • I am ‘punished’ for not doing the wash by having only dirty clothes to wear.
      • When she looks at him, he starts to purr so she puts down her wash and scratches him behind the ears.
      • He helps with the evening meal, takes the little one swimming and talks the big one through his homework, bungs in a wash and then rolls up his sleeves for bathtime.
      • The outbuildings had rooms for drying beans, storing lumber, hanging the wash in bad weather.
      • Many women made their own soap and took a pride in hanging out a white wash.
      • Kathryn was cackling happily as she dropped Olivia's purple sock into the wash with her brother's white underclothes.
      • I decided to use the opportunity to put on a wash.
      • She kept picking my clean sports clothes out of the wash.

    • 1.3(laundry)

      I do a wash every Monday los lunes hago la colada España
      • your shirt is in the wash (with the dirty laundry) tu camisa está con la ropa sucia
      • the colors ran in the wash los colores destiñeron al lavarlo

  • 2

    • 2.1(sound of waves)

      chapoteo masculino
      the gentle wash of the waves on the shore el suave batir de las olas contra la orilla
      • The 10 mph limit is no problem to the wildlife whose habitat is destroyed by pollutants and the wash from high-speed boats.
      • It has been impossible to go out in my steamboat because it is long and narrow and could easily be rolled over by the wash from speedboats.
      • When we land near water, the wash from the blades moves them around like floating logs.
      • The main problem, Ray says, is the wake or wash left by the boat.
      • The jet wash at 13,000 feet was testimony to how close we were to swapping more than ‘paint’ on that fateful day.
      • Stand aft to look down on the wake frothing up from the propeller wash.
      • Another went racing across the wash of the boat, its sail and sickle shaped tail leaving no doubt as to its identity.
      • We passed over a number of waves created by their wash and then the last one swamped us.
      • A witness was concerned the wash could endanger staff working on moored boats in the area, as well as swamping rowing boats in the Putney area.
      • The crew braces for shock, the boat shudders and a giant plume of boat wash is the only mark left in the faint moonlight as the boat races forward into harm's way.
      • My first thought was I had flown through jet wash from another aircraft.

    • 2.2(left by boat, plane)

      estela femenino

  • 3

    • 3.1(of paint)

      capa femenino
      mano femenino
      • Over the years Sol has used pencil, artist's crayon, Crayola crayons, chalk lines, ink washes and, as in our case, acrylic paint.
      • A watercolour wash is a fluid made up of water in which the colour particles brushed from cakes of pigment are suspended.
      • Three limpid watercolors reveal their development through a few washes applied to a pencil or ink line drawing, providing more graphic than chromatic complexity.
      • Using a thick brush, cover a sheet of paper with a bright wash of watery paint.
      • Her variegated surfaces may be opaque or layered as transparent washes, glazed or scraped, scumbled, wiped down or sanded.
      • A blue-green wash, visible through the light coatings of varnish, surrounds the central form.
      • He'll mix it with pale washes of oil paint, but avoids getting into a paint process that would require thicker paint and building up layers of glazing.
      • The approach is similar to painting with thin washes of oil or watercolor.
      • The moon hung in the sky nearly full, spreading a luminous wash across the pale landscape.
      • Most of the time these techniques employ glazes or washes applied over a solid colored background color.
      • To produce his works, he screenprints one or more photographic images, sometimes a single one repeated, onto the canvas, overlaying them with acrylic washes of various densities.
      • Finally, rub down the wood to remove the splinters, give it a thin wash of acrylic paint and brush on the clear preservative.
      • Stephens veils the pastoral subjects with milky washes that streak the surface, and a brown glaze that drips languorously down it.
      • His paintings have the quality of screen prints at times: flat blockiness competes with spongy washes and the enticing effect of dry pigment dragged across a surface.
      • The exhibition starts with Ferron's darker compositions of the '40s; often the weave of the canvas is visible through thin washes of oil paint.
      • The sun was setting in a wash of scarlet beyond the great hippodrome.
      • Both cabinets are made of sycamore entirely ebonized, and the panels are painted with washes of brown and amber, so that the golden color of the close-grained wood shows through.
      • Throughout his life, possibly because of crippling arthritis, his preferred medium was watercolour, painted in luminous washes within tight well-defined outlines.
      • I introduced a variety of glazing techniques including light washes, layering, blending, blotting, spraying and antiquing.
      • While the paint is still damp, I drop blobs of brown paint onto the wet wash, creating a random spotted pattern.

    • 3.2Arte

      aguada femenino

Hay 2 traducciones principales de wash en Español

: wash1Wash2


  • 1

    • Washington

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(clean)

      (fruit/shirt/car) lavar
      (floor) fregar
      (floor) lavar América Latina
      to wash one's face/hair lavarse la cara/la cabeza / el pelo
      • to wash the dishes fregar / lavar los platos
      • don't try to wash the stain off no intentes quitar la mancha
      • to wash the shampoo out of one's hair aclararse el pelo
      • Make sure window coverings in your child's room can be washed or cleaned easily.
      • After the children left laundry was sorted, washed and ironed.
      • If you do get scratched, wash the area thoroughly right away with soap and water.
      • The water was cold and she only had a sliver of soap to wash herself with.
      • Trim the roots of the pak choi and thoroughly wash the leaves.
      • Be sure to keep your hands away from your eyes until you've washed them thoroughly.
      • The books and papers will first be washed in clean water with a very mild detergent to remove the dirt and debris.
      • She realized her dress was covered in dirt and soot, and that she had not washed herself in a few days.
      • Even curtains and blinds should be washed every now and then to remove dust.
      • She took out few clean tomatoes and lettuce and washed them thoroughly.
      • After scrubbing with a nylon brush, thoroughly wash the area.
      • Every article of clothing reeks of foul-smelling smoke and those that cannot easily be washed have to be hung outside for days.
      • I lathered up and washed myself with honeysuckle-scented soap.
      • The only way I have found to get my spectacles really clean is to wash them in soap and warm water.
      • The plaintiffs had it cleaned and washed down on two occasions to get concrete and efflorescence off the walls.
      • Be sure to wash your own hands thoroughly after touching your child's eyes, and throw away items like gauze or cotton balls after they have been used.
      • Each time it is returned, he merely washes it thoroughly and wears it again.
      • While everything cooks, wash and chop the parsley, dice the ham, toast the hazelnuts in a dry skillet and chop them roughly.
      • Use separate chopping boards and utensils or wash them thoroughly to avoid cross-contamination between raw meat, and any cooked or ready-to-eat foods.
      • She expresses an interest in the attractive silk shirts they are washing.

    • 1.2(for gold)

      (mud/gravel) lavar

  • 2

    • 2.1(carry away)

      the body had been washed ashore by the tide la corriente había arrastrado el cuerpo hasta la orilla
      • the wave nearly washed him overboard la ola casi lo arrojó por la borda
      • I tilted my head back, letting the water wash the dust and sweat off my face.
      • Slowly, she lathered her body with the softly scented soap, watching as the water washed it away in rivulets down her arms.
      • Eighteen people were missing after flood waters washed a bus off a national highway on Thursday.
      • When it rains storm water washes the accumulated waste into the water sources.
      • It was washed away by the flood waters of Chartiers Creek.
      • Obediently he did so, but the waters washed them ashore undamaged.
      • After rain, for example, it was relatively easy to find obsidian as the sand that covered it was washed away by the water.
      • Police think the body may not have been spotted before because it may have been washed down to that location after heavy rain.
      • It replaced a lighthouse that had been built of wood and was washed away by the sea.
      • While trying to swim across to safety six of them were washed away by strong water current.
      • Those organisms not securely fastened to the rocks will likely be torn free and washed ashore or carried into the open ocean.
      • Beach profiles have been transformed, as the waters washed sand back out to sea.
      • Three bridges along the main coast road have been washed away and helicopters were flying over flooded areas to help with rescue efforts.
      • In 1920 Mungerannie homestead was washed away by flood waters more than a metre high.
      • Despite their efforts and curses, the winds and the rogue waves wash them past any seemingly habitable islands.
      • A cloudburst on Sunday afternoon caused the river to flood and they were washed off a low-level bridge.
      • The rains are due but they will not supply enough water and will wash roads away, making aid deliveries tougher still.
      • The tidal waves washed away their raw materials and equipment.
      • When planting, always firm in the rootballs well and, until the roots establish, surround each plant with stones to ensure they are not washed away if the water level temporarily rises.
      • In 1978, a tropical cyclone, with destructive winds and huge waves, washed away large sections of the jetty near the shore.

    • 2.2literary (lap)

      bañar literario
      the sound of the waves washing the shore el sonido de las olas al bañar la orilla
      • Beneath the Cape's rugged cliff faces, washed by blue, mauve and aquamarine seas, migrating humpback whales can be heard breathing at sunrise.
      • He'd been meditating when the first wave arrived, almost washing into the temple, and now he was coordinating the distribution of aid to approximately 2000 people.
      • So as the waves washed in and ran away again, she was soothed and mellowed.
      • Men envisioned a Caribbean where trade and economic corporation flows as easily as the tides that wash these blessed shores.
      • I dream of travelling to the countries that are washed by the Mediterranean Sea.
      • Soon, we had a new wall made from wet sand, and as the waves washed higher on the beach parts of that would collapse too.
      • At sunset I lounge in my four-poster bed and watch as the waves wash onto the rocks, spray hitting the veranda.
      • The waves washed straight across 200 of them and destroyed every house on them.
      • Low sibilant noises pulled me out of dreams of cold ocean waves washing on a shale beach.
      • The deaths were often blamed on the victims' lack of alertness for the large waves that occasionally washed ashore.
      • The sun shone brightly in the sky and the waves washed smoothly over their feet.
      • The Atlantic Ocean washes Spain's north coast, the far northwest corner adjacent to Portugal, and the far southwestern zone between the Portuguese border and the Strait of Gibraltar.
      • Yes, the climate is extreme, but there is a definite autumn, winter, spring and summer thanks to the Gulf Stream, which washes the coastline.
      • After several attempts and with large waves washing through the lifeboat, Crewman Rogers managed to bring three people over the bow.
      • For every can of water he tossed out, another wave washed in.
      • The Gulf Stream stopped washing the shores of northern Europe with the warm waters of the Caribbean thirteen years ago.
      • The waves washed against the cars and drenched those on the top.
      • In Thailand, 30-foot waves washed ashore in the resort area of Phuket.
      • The waves gently washed ashore, splashing on the rocks.
      • I spent an hour mesmerised by the waves, washing in and out across the sand, every now and then throwing up coloured gems.
      • The couple, from Doncaster, were sleeping in their first-floor bedroom when the first wave hit and floodwater washed through the ground floor of their hotel.
      • For warm-water swimming you have to take a trip to the eastern coast, which is washed by the Indian Ocean, half an hour or so away.
      • Also on clear water, look for any areas that are murky, perhaps close to in-flowing streams or where waves wash against a shoreline.

  • 3

    (wall) pintar
    (wall) dar una mano de pintura a
    (color) extender
    • The outside was washed in red paint, which was chipping due to age and weather conditions.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(clean oneself)

      (cat/person) lavarse
      she prefers to wash in cold water prefiere lavarse con agua fría
      • I shoved my hands into the scalding water and began to wash.
      • I washed and dressed in brown breeches and a black coat, not wanting to be encumbered by my heavy cloak.
      • Despite the coolness of that morning, he was ordered to crouch naked and wash with soap under the cold water.
      • The operator should wash thoroughly with soap and water before eating and smoking.
      • I cleaned and scrubbed, washed and purified, showered and bathed and sponged and splashed.
      • Areas of skin which are affected by psoriasis must be treated gently when you are washing.
      • Then I quickly washed, dressed, combed my hair, and used cosmetics on my face.
      • Then I'd wash, clean my teeth, eat the meal and go to school.
      • It's rotten having to wash in salt water as the soap won't lather in the slightest although it is supposed to be salt water soap.
      • The men, both in their mid-forties, bearded and dressed in the local traditional baggy long shirt and trousers, washed, ate, prayed and then talked.
      • She finishes washing and dresses promptly in an active attire of trousers and tunic instead of a gown.
      • Inside, I filled my hands with soap, and washed furiously.
      • She lathered her hands up with the rose smelling soap and began to wash.
      • To protect your face, we recommend that you wash with mild facial soap and lukewarm, not hot, water.
      • He scrubbed and soaped and washed and finally just relaxed.
      • The patient revealed that he was visiting his wife's family and had washed with a scented soap sold by one of the nearby upscale stores.
      • I really feel in this day and age, everyone should be able to drink and wash in clean water.
      • They were told to wash with soap and water and were sent home.
      • To keep the colds away and to preserve your skin, stick to natural soaps, moisturise with lotions, wash frequently and use water!
      • The warm water greeted her and Heather began washing.

    • 1.2(do dishes)


    • 1.3(do laundry)

      (person/washing machine) lavar (la ropa)
      (washing machine/person) hacer la colada España
      • They cook, wash, sell goods, provide medical advice.
      • In addition to washing, cooking, and performing custodial chores, some of these women sold baked goods and took in sewing.
      • But for those who embrace traditional ideas about family roles, it is rather weird to see men busy cooking and washing.
      • She had cooked and washed for the men, always at knifepoint.
      • The river is where much of Southeast Asia comes alive, so expect to see children frolicking, men cormorant fishing and women washing and cooking in the shallows.
      • Fewer young people can be seen there, only kids playing outside and elders washing or cooking.
      • Then I look around and realise I haven't had time to wash or clean for three weeks and resignedly start picking at the bring-and-buy sale ranged round the bed.
      • Women buy and sell in the markets, cook, wash, care for the pigs, and prepare offerings.
      • What do you do when you're not ironing, washing, cooking, and taking the children to and from school?
      • I know I'm gonna want somewhere to cook, wash, fall back on.
      • But the lady who washes and cooks for us was also happy the party had won the local Assembly seat.
      • She didn't talk much when she wasn't washing or cooking.
      • He washed, scrubbed and cooked for all the people on board.
      • For the first time in their lives I am cooking, washing and taking them to swimming at 5 o' clock in the morning every single day rather than once in a while.
      • The prisoners were also made to cook and wash for the militiamen, who are mostly from nomadic tribes and who travel by horse and camel.
      • With the weed-spraying business she had to cook and wash and iron and generally look after hordes of itinerant workmen, as well as her own sons and husband.
      • One night I was in the laundry room reading and washing and Karen came in with a basket of clothes.
      • My parents came to stay on Saturday, so most of last week was spent trying to get everything done at work then going straight home to tidy, clean, wash etc.

  • 2

    (come clean)
    this shirt washes well esta camisa se lava bien
    • the mud will wash off easily será fácil quitar(le) el barro
    • it won't wash no va a colar
  • 3

    the water washed against the rocks el agua batía contra las rocas