Traducción de washboard en Español:


tabla de lavar, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwɑʃˌbɔ(ə)rd//ˈwɒʃbɔːd//ˈwɔʃˌbɔ(ə)rd/


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    tabla de lavar femenino
    before noun washboard road carretera llena de baches femenino
    • The desert that appears flat is in fact riddled with hidden wadis/depressions and unseen washboards that slow vehicular travel to a crawl.
    • Washing happened in an enormous sink on the rooftop or in the compound, scrubbed in cold water and using a special detergent and a stiff brush on a corrugated washboard.
    • Long ago, laundry tasks simply required a tub, washboard, clothesline and backbreaking labor.
    • Featuring an old black iron, pans, kettles and jars, a washboard and posser, used for pummelling clothes, the look is completed with a shop sign thought to be more than 100 years old.
    • As much as I admire her adaptability, it's hard to imagine her back in Arkansas cleaning the brood's clothing on a washboard out front lawn wise next to the stripped 47 Ford up on blocks.
    • The washing dolly, the washing tub or bucks, the mangle, types of water, fuller's earth, soap, bleaching agents, blue, starch, bats, and washboards were keywords in the washing process.
    • A quarter-century of feminism and here's advice on how to use a washboard and scrub the kitchen floor on your hands and knees.
    • Instead, they re-enact the event onstage with an inferior ‘tribute’ while a bare-chested Black displays a stomach that is less washboard and more washing machine, a bulky turbulent affair.
    • As we descended, my behind bounced off each log we passed, as though I were a piece of laundry being scrubbed on a washboard.
    • Over the centuries other innovations were introduced and by the early decades of the nineteenth century, most households in America used a washboard with grooves in it to wash their clothes.
    • Don't forget the pavement, you still have washboards, semi truck ruts, pot-holes and the cargo that falls out of the back of someone else's truck you're following.
    • It's more important for a race bike to actively absorb washboard and roots so riders can stay seated, powering the pedals to the finish line.
    • The process is simple - all you need is warm soapy water, a washboard, and a willingness to endure prunelike fingers.
    • The ride was especially harsh over a short stretch of washboards.
    • Perhaps students, instead of wasting money on machines, could just get a washboard and do their clothes in the kitchen sink.
    • The women of the house rubbed each garment against the washboard over and over until the dirt came out, using soft homemade soap.
    • A linear compression rate through the first half of the suspension travel and then a slightly rising rate for the last half results in a long, smooth ride that sucks up everything from washboard to 50-foot road gaps.
    • As expected, the treacherous first third of the course beats her up: the three supersteep descents, the large patches of axle-deep sand, and the mile-long section of washboard.
    • While she scrubbed the garments in a soapy tub with her washboard, Jack used clothespins to hang them upon long lines of string attached to trees.
    • The road rose steeply past forests of cardónes and dry washes over stretches of washboard and sections paved with flat rocks.
    • Mum used a mangle and a washboard so when the washing machine arrived it was a big moment.
    • Their chores will be done with the implements of the day, which means they will be cooking their meals over an open fire and washing their clothes with a washboard.
    • Though not ‘outboard’ like the new F - 150, this change reduces wheel hop on washboard.
    • Her washboard is not some cast off piece of junk, more a statement of gleaming health and efficiency.